Associate Partner Application

To become a Memi Associate partner is extremely simple. All you need do is purchase the latest in-store display unit, which consists of an in-store display unit, with a number of not for sale samples to be used to engage with your customer and a catalogue to assist you with making the sale.

If you intend selling memi through a website, you will be required to purchase an additional website kit, which will consist of all the images and banners required.

Associate partners receive a discount of 50% off the recommended retail price for memi products excluding promoted items where the discount may vary. Your discount will be 45% off the Retail price + 5% in rewards points. All reward points may be used to pay for product purchases or redeemed for cash once you have accumulated a minimum of 2000 points.

You will receive access to our Partner Portal where you will be able to view products, place orders and download marketing material to be used in-store, on social media or print media as you require

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