2019 Jewellery trends - stay a step ahead with your accessories

by Jason Forbes

Fashion is a cruel mistress. Gone are the days that you could have your clothes tailor made and wear them for years without anyone batting an eye lid. Now everything is lightning fast and as quickly as trends appear on the scene, they are off again!

But as the fashion fuelled French would say; c’est la vie. You can’t always keep up with the Joneses but you can have fun getting into whatever new, hot thing the market throws at you. Here are a few jewellery trends that we think will make your little fashion forward heart skip a beat.

Huge hoops

Thankfully you won’t have to jump through any of these when it comes to clothing this year as it seems people are really enjoying the more casual vibe (a la AKJP). If you were going to jump through hoops though, these may just work because they have to be that big!

Thick, gold hoops paired with plain outfits rounds your look off and makes a statement no one can ignore, even if they tried.

The layered look

One of our favourite trends includes wearing all of your favourite necklaces at once. To create this gypsy-esque feel, try to pair necklaces of different lengths and textures so that there aren’t open spaces.

We would go for the me & you heart necklace, which has icons and can be personalised, with the mini name necklace and a few others for a golden goddess affair.

Colour coded

No one can deny it: colour is cool. It brings you joy, helps you express yourself and generally just makes the world a better place. We are thrilled that a big trend this year is colourful jewellery – earrings, bangles, necklaces you name it.

You can personalise your name necklace with us by adding your birthstone to your chosen design to give it extra sparkle. If you want more than one shiny stone though, we would suggest our tree of life necklace with three different coloured SWAROVSKI crystals, one for every loved one’s name.

Turn on the charm

And last but certainly not least - charms are back baby! Luckily, we are fully prepared with a large variety of hand-made memi charms to collect. These can be added to our necklaces and bracelets and are classic enough to be treasured for a lifetime.

As an extra special something, we also have a memi charm carrier that is specifically designed to carry memi charms only. This, as well as our necklaces are both made with an adjustable clasp so that you can set it to the size that you want it.

Like we said, we have your back this fashion season. Don’t wait too long and get left behind, make your purchase today and step onto the catwalk daily.