August birthstone: Peridot – make others green with envy

by Jason Forbes

August is a month of significant movement for both hemispheres. Some people are moving out of winter into spring, and others from summer into autumn, but the winds of change unite us all. It is also a season of harvest, where the fruits of labour across many months are finally rewarded.

August also gives us a truly striking birthstone. Whether you’d like to give a meaningful piece of jewellery to an August baby to treasure as they mature, or a beautiful piece for anyone who celebrates in this month, the Peridot won’t disappoint. We can help you create a unique piece of jewellery showcasing a genuine SWAROVSKI crystal of their birthstone and carrying a personalised message.

August birthstone: Peridot olivine

The name “Peridot” is likely from the Anglo–Norman pedoretés which refers to a kind of opal. This stunning gem is olive green in appearance and is one of only a handful that appear in one colour. It is often mistaken for an emerald or other green gem. The natural stone often has slight variations in intensity and tint depending on the percentage of iron that is contained in the crystal structure.

Our beautiful SWAROVSKI peridot has a deep green hue and clarity that will not disappoint. The colour brings a cool refinement to any piece, and goes beautifully with silver and white or rose gold jewellery.

Interesting facts about Peridot

Peridot gems have come to be a symbol of vitality. It was first discovered in the black sands of Hawaii and local legend claims that the granular green stones were tears shed by the volcanic goddess, Pele. Interestingly, the gem has been found in volcanic rock and in meteorites. Egyptians called it the ‘gem of the sun’, due to its brilliance when held up to the light of the desert sun.

The luminescence of the Peridot is said to be so brilliant that people even reported being able to see it in darkness. Legend states that as a result of this quality, miners would use it to mark their location, and return in the daytime to retrieve them. This explains why the Peridot is sometimes referred to as the “evening emerald”.

The perfect personalised accessory

We’re proud to stock SWAROVSKI crystals of each birthstone, as they allow us to add a finishing touch to any of our accessories. Add a truly a remarkable gem, and create a unique piece for yourself or a lucky recipient!

We recommend our personalised heart charm to add to one of our delicate chains or necklaces. For something even more special, consider our hidden story necklace for a classic keepsake that they will treasure forever.