Autumn Hues, Winter Mood

by alexa corlett

The warm hue of gold, the sparkly reflection of a SWAROVSKI diamond, that familiar feeling of a cold chain turning warm on your skin..

It was one of those fine winter mornings - the air had a frost to it, the birds had started singing their first notes, the sun was still sleeping behind the clouds and you knew it was going to be another one of those beautiful winter days in Cape Town.

We all have a story and we all want to be remembered. It’s how we remember our stories what really matters. Our lives are stories that we constantly invite others to help us create, share and live until they become memories that eventually fade. Hold on to those memories in a piece of jewellery you can carry close to your heart forever.

We’ve taken some time to brainstorm some new ideas on how to feature memi. Why fashion is so good is that it is always changing into new things, from one trend to another. While the current european SS19 trends are all about being extra and pairing color bursting layers of necklaces with big gold hoops, memi prefers to keep it understated. Who said that layering dainty chain necklaces doesn’t make you feel extra? We love layering - it’s an opportunity for personal expression, so we discovered new looks and ways of putting two and two together. Feel free to break the rules a little, you neck and chest are a blank canvas; go wild! You might want to consider playing with contrasting a classic name necklace on a yellow gold chain with our new Om necklace in rose gold or perhaps you want to layer your chains at different lengths to go that extra mile. Why not?

We are especially loving charms at the moment. If you haven't yet seen our charm collection, then you are missing out! The fact that you can create your own necklace out of tiny different statement icons that symbolize something unique in your life is pretty awesome.

All humans are stories waiting to be told, be it my story, your story, our story. It is our history.

See pics from our fashion shoot below and be inspired, even though it may be in the middle of winter, we do get those sun-bearing days where taking off layers to reveal the layers (of jewellery) come in a fashionable manner. We ought to be prepared for those!

Models: Tanya & Shani with ICE Model Management
Photography: Sarah De Silva (Mint Tea Photography)
Hair & Make Up: Sarah White
Styling: Alexa Corlett