Behind The Making of a Jewellery Shoot

by alexa corlett

Fashion imagery can make us dream. And big ad campaigns convey fascinating ways of storytelling. Through fashion ads we’re usually presented with a mood or a feeling as well as a direct guide line of how to wear and how to style your jewellery with your existing wardrobe.

If you’ve ever wondered how these shoots come together, and what goes into preparing, producing, and creating the a fashion campaign, you’re about to find out!

The creative process begins with the planning, which happens weeks before the shoot. First ideas are discussed amongst the memi creative team. Then, the marketing manager aka the memi art director takes the direction of the shoot and develops further ideas comprising the photographer, models and makeup artist. Usually, the stylist participates in this process as well, but in this case, the fashion styling was also handled by the creative director.

Next a mood board is created which is the best part of the planning stage! Mood boards include colours, silhouettes and possible visual references that, more or less, capture the essence of the brand ethos and new collections. The mood board really needs to reflect what you want to take place in the shoot, it has to have a deeper meaning.

The mood board also helps determine what kind of location, model and overall aesthetic would be the most suitable for the campaign. With memi jewellery being so fine and delicate it’s important that the background of the location doesn’t take away from the product, so it’s about finding a neutral location with aesthetic and meaning that suits the brand essence.

Choosing a model is likely the hardest part, because the goal is always to find a girl who fits well with the concept and mood of the story. We try to incorporate a diverse selection of girls in our campaigns as we strongly feel that our brand shouldn’t focus on one certain type or look, but rather it should speak to the public that memi jewellery is for everybody. The photos that came out of this shoot are mainly used for social media “fresh” content, so we focused a lot on cropping the shots rather than having full length shots. Some looks have a more “editorial” feel i.e. no smiles and we’ve included a few that are more down-to-earth so that women can get an idea of how to wear the jewellery with their clothing in real life.

Watch our behind-the-scenes film and let us know what you think!

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