Birthstone jewellery is the perfect birthday gift.

by alexa corlett

Birthstone jewellery is the perfect birthday gift.


There is no denying that this month is packed to the brim with all things love-related. With lots of red and pink marketing billboards in sight, we only have eyes for purple: amethyst, that is. This alluring stone has always been amongst the most popular in the world and has been worn by the royals as a symbol of their ranking. Besides wealth and status, it’s said to be associated with protective powers and purification, giving you clarity, greater understanding and wisdom. You will understand your purpose and strive to live the life you always wanted. We also love the amethyst because of it’s healing properties especially in meditation, allowing you to maintain your focus on the important things in life (we need that given these scary times!)

Get glitzy and glamorous for your birthday with our latest favourites: our Engravable bar earrings have just a touch of amethyst paired with your name engraved, for every day wear.

Or if you prefer something more understated, the Hidden Story necklaces dainty offset amethyst may be just what you were looking for. The original hidden message pendant, designed to cover the message you have engraved - only to be revealed when you choose.

Treat her like a queen with a Signature name necklace, signed by you, obviously with love.

There are many ways to show her you care, whether birthday or Valentine’s celebrations, we’re here to show you that February is also filled with beautiful shades of purple.

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