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by Emily Hodgson

There’s something rather special knowing that your piece of jewellery is yours and yours only with its unique design, unlike any other.

By personalising your piece, you are ultimately making a little piece of yourself that serves as an emotional remembrance of a special occasion or milestone. You will feel special that it was designed by you, or maybe for you, by someone significant!

The options are endless and with this in mind, feel free to let your creative juices flow! At me.mi Jewellery, we encourage you to express yourself through your everyday statement jewellery!

Why personalise your jewellery?

Personalising your jewellery is a beautiful form of self-expression, whether it is something that you bought for yourself or for someone you hold close to your heart. You will always feel attached to your personalised piece, as it holds a deeper meaning for you and becomes a daily reminder of who you are. The ability to customise your jewellery means that you can create your own unique identity.

Personalised jewellery dates back as far as the first century BC in Egypt and Rome, where these pieces were used to signify wealth. They portrayed a variety of detailed designs.

Here are a few ways that you can personalise your pieces and express yourself:

Personalised Name Necklaces & Bracelets:

As our name is an integral part of our identity, it is something to be proud of. So why not show it to the world by wearing it proudly as a form of jewellery?

You personalised name necklace or bracelet can be anything from your own name, to a word with a significant meaning, a nickname, name of a loved one, or even a special place that holds a memory for you. Take your pick from a variety of fonts, and don’t be afraid to add charms into your special piece too!

From silver to gold, or even rose gold, you can make your choice, knowing it will be a piece that could last forever.

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Engravables (A depiction):

Much like the personalised name pieces, custom engravings can also tell a story.
Whether it encompasses what you believe in or what you’re thinking or feeling, it is an ode to you.

The same goes for gifting an engraved piece as well. Can you imagine what the receiver of your gift will feel when it is customised just for them? Who knows, you could one day pass your personalised piece down to the next generation in your family, signifying all the memories that you hope to pass down to future generations.

It’s more than a personalised piece of jewellery, it can be whatever you choose to give it meaning to.

There are a plethora of shapes, sizes and modifications to choose from. The options are endless. Our necklaces, bracelets and earrings are yours to personalise!

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How Charming...

It doesn’t stop there.... The amount of charm that you want to give to your piece is entirely up to you! The charms come in all shapes and sizes. Why not add a name, initials, diamonds or maybe a birthstone to your next piece?

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The beauty and versatility of our charms are endless...

  • They adorn your beauty. Every piece allows you to represent all the beauty you encompass from the inside out.
  • Good luck. If you believe in the power of your jewels, as much as we do, then your charms will be there to support you in times of need.
  • Shared experiences. Throughout your life you will be able to personalize your piece of jewellery even more, by adding charms that relate to certain milestones and creating a piece that represents your memories.
    We believe you are unique and special. We also believe you deserve to express your uniqueness to the world. Therefore, we are empowering women to create personalised jewellery that is deeply meaningful to them. Me.mi jewellery highlights the beauty in versatility.
  • Personalise it. Be unique. Express yourself with Me.mi jewellery.Explore memi:


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