​Exercising at Gym or Home in Your Memi Necklace

by Andrew Smith

How you lead an active and healthy lifestyle is as personal as your Memi necklace. We have compared exercising at home or a gym so that you can make the best decision for how you want to lead an active lifestyle. Being active does not mean you have to side-line style. Make your Memi necklace your new gym essential and get active.

Memi Necklace:

Memi wants you to step into any room and feel confident when you say, “this is me”. When you embrace your personality, style, and uniqueness, you can be the best version of yourself. Highlighting your personality is what Memi loves to do in your Memi necklace.

The variety of gorgeous pendants, stunning Swarovski gemstones, and genuine precious metals available for the Memi necklace makes it easy to find a necklace to celebrate who you are. The Memi necklace is also able to be customised to your exact desires allowing you to create a necklace perfect for any occasion. Make your Memi necklace your stylish workout buddy when leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

A Healthy Lifestyle:

A healthy lifestyle sums up living a vibrant, happy, and active life for the benefit of your physical and mental health. Leading a healthy lifestyle is also different for every person. As a general rule, for living a healthy lifestyle you should eat your greens, drink water, and be active daily to keep your personality glowing on the outside and the inside.

Like your Memi necklace highlights your personality, you should choose a place to exercise which fits your character. We have weighed up the pros and cons of exercising at home and exercising at the gym so that you can choose a place to be active which suits your lifestyle and personality.

Pro’s to Exercising at a Gym:

Everyone is more aware of the benefits of leading active lives and is more inclined towards being active to look after their bodies. As a result, gyms have started popping up in most areas to help aid this healthy lifestyle focus. Take a look at why we are loving exercising at a gym.

1. Community: Exercising at a gym gets you up and out of the house and surrounded by people in a space designed to be conducive to exercising. Exercising at a gym offers you a sense of community and allows you to be involved with a group of people inclined towards leading healthy and active lifestyles.

2. Motivation: Exercising at a gym is a great way to get a group of friends together on set days of the week. This creates accountability between you and your friends which can keep you motivated, even when you would rather hit snooze on your alarm and snuggle into your pillow. Choose a group of friends who will match your active goals and help you stay motivated towards achieving those goals.

3. Machinery: Gyms are home to a wide range of exercising equipment, making it easy to find the perfect machine to suit your exercise interests.

4. Personal Trainer: Exercising at a gym comes with the option to hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers can take your goals and transform them into a routine that will help you lead an active lifestyle. Personal trainers are also skilled in knowing how to do exercises correctly, ensuring that you do not do any damage to your body whilst being active in the gym.

Con’s to Exercising at a Gym:

1. Busy: Gyms tend to be busy at times before work and straight after work. If you do not enjoy exercising at the gym when it is busy, and these are the only times you can fit in exercising in your daily schedule, this can result in decreased motivation to attend the gym.

2. Cost: While the gym membership offers you many benefits, it is still an additional cost to your monthly budget. Gym membership fees vary depending on which gym you attend. Find a gym in your area which suits your budget. When you know that at the end of each month a debit order is coming off for your gym membership fee, you will be more motivated towards making sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Pro’s to Exercising at Home:

Home is your comfortable space where you can be your true self. Many people are opting to lead an active lifestyle from their homes, and we can see why.

1. Fit into Your Schedule: Exercising at home means throwing out a yoga mat, towel, or pillow and getting active at a moment’s notice. There is no need to jump in your car or use public transport to get yourself to a gym. This makes leading an active lifestyle easier when you are busy daily.

2. No Embarrassment: Walking into a gym and seeing everyone confidently using machinery we have never seen before can result in feeling awkward and out of place. Exercising at home allows you to try out different ways of exercising without the additional pressure of people around you. This means you can lead an active lifestyle without the risk of feeling embarrassed if you make a mistake or are unable to do a certain exercise well at first.

3. Minimal Costs: Exercising at home comes with no membership fee! If you have a tight budget but still want to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, then exercising at home is a win.

4. Workout Apps: While you are unable to use the personal trainer service which gyms offer, there are many paid or free workout apps perfectly suited to exercising at home. Find one which suits your active lifestyle needs and use this to keep you motivated whilst being active.

Con’s to Exercising at Home:

1. Easily Disregarded: Being at home means being surrounded by your household distractions. When you can see your grocery shopping list, that pile of laundry, and hear your email notifications going off in the background, it is easy to disregard your daily exercise routine. A way to overcome this is to have a designated exercise space, away from any other distractions, and schedule a time each day when you are focused on getting active.

2. Lack of Socialising: If you work from home, then going to a gym is a great way to socialise and be surrounded by people. Exercising from home can result in you rarely leaving the house and interacting with people. This can become a problem but can also be easily avoided if you ensure to make regular plans with friends or family.

3. Home Equipment: While there are no costs to exercising at home, you may need to purchase home exercise equipment. This can become extremely costly. There are many creative ways to get around this problem. Take some time to set up homemade gym equipment which will help you lead an active lifestyle.

Get Active in Your Memi Necklace:

From professional tennis player Serena Williams to Paralympic champion Hannah Cockroft, wearing jewellery whilst being active has become a standard occurrence amongst professional sportswomen. Style does not need to be disregarded when being active, and our go-to stylish jewellery for an active lifestyle is the Memi necklace.

1. High-quality Metals: The rhodium plated sterling silver and solid gold used as the metals for the Memi necklace are high quality, strong, and durable metals. These metals allow you to incorporate your Memi necklace into your active lifestyle. While sweat does tarnish alloyed metals, the precious metals used by Memi for the Memi necklace mean that you are easily able to clean your necklace to keep it lustrous.

2. Light Weight: Each Memi necklace is made with a delicate chain and elegant pendant, making the Memi necklace light in weight. This is a bonus when exercising as you do not have a chunky necklace banging against your chest.

3. Adjustable Bead: The patented Memi adjustable bead on your Memi necklace allows you to change the length of your necklace. When exercising, you risk your necklace getting damaged by getting caught on your equipment or gym clothing. We suggest adjusting the length of your Memi necklace to the shortest length so that the necklace remains out of harm's way.

Memi Necklaces for Your Exercise Outfit:

Whether you are exercising at home or going to the gym, wearing an outfit specific for exercising helps get you into the right frame of mind. Maintaining an active lifestyle is all about mindset. You need to keep yourself motivated so that you can keep your exercise routine a sustained part of your daily life.

Something as simple as wearing a gym outfit paired with a Memi necklace can help you maintain your active lifestyle. We have selected our favourite Memi necklace to pair with your exercise outfits to help you lead an active lifestyle with style.

1. Memi Heart Birthstone Necklace: This necklace is perfectly suited to those who own brightly coloured exercise clothes. The available gemstone colours for the Memi Heart Birthstone necklace are variations of purple, red, yellow, green, pink, and blue. Highlight the colour in your exercise outfit with a beautiful Memi necklace to add some extra brightness to your workout.

2. Initial Necklace: This necklace is to remind you that the reason you are leading your active lifestyle for yourself. Pair this with an exercise outfit that is comfortable and breathable so that you feel ready to get active and achieve your goals. Design this necklace in one of the stunning metal colours which will suit your exercise outfits as well as your daily outfits, as we are sure this is going to become your staple necklace.

3. Memi Yin Yang Necklace: A healthy lifestyle is a balanced lifestyle, and this Memi necklace captures this eloquently. If you need a gentle reminder to keep your active lifestyle balanced with your other activities, then this Memi necklace can be a great motivator. Pair this elegant necklace in sterling silver with either black or white exercise outfits to create a sense of balance to your outfit.

Exercise Essentials:

1. Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is important when being active. Grab a water bottle and sip on it throughout being active.

2. Gym Towel: Being active means gets sweaty so keep a gym towel on hand when being active.

3. Headphones: We love a great playlist perfectly curated to get you pumped up to be active. While you may love your high-intensity music, the person next to you at the gym may not so keep a set of headphones on you if you are exercising at a gym.

4. Gym Bag: Keep a small gym bag packed and ready to go so that when you decide to go and exercise you have everything you need organised in your bag. Your bag should have your earphones, water bottle, towel, and possibly a small snack for those after-exercising cravings.

5. Your Memi Necklace: Of course!

Whether it is at home or a gym, lead a healthy lifestyle and stay active in your Memi necklace.