​Express Your Personality with Your Memi Name Necklace:

by Andrew Smith

In the famous words of Dr. Seuss, “there is no one alive who is you-er than you”. Your unique personality has stemmed from all the interesting people you have met, the diverse experiences you have been through, and the spaces you have lived in. Embracing your you-ness through showcasing your personality has never been easier with the many personality styles of the Memi name necklaces.

Memi Name Necklace:

The choice of jewellery you wear holds great importance when it comes to showcasing your personality. Embedded in that item of jewellery is your sense of style, design taste, and most excitingly, your personality traits. Your personality is a complex combination of many fundamental personality traits, and the jewellery you choose can demonstrate what you want to show off about yourself to the world.

When we think of jewellery that truly captures your personality, we always come back to the Memi name necklaces. The name you choose allows for this necklace to be personal and individual, but also the style of the necklace allows for your personality traits to shine through. This is a double win when it comes to using jewellery to express who you are.

Memi has on offer many different styles of name necklaces. There is also the opportunity to personalise these items further by choosing the metal, adding accents, or working with the team to create a custom name necklace of your dreams. With an easy click of a clasp, you will have around your neck a name necklace that is stylised to suit your personality and designed to showcase your chosen personality traits.

The Personality Styles of the Memi Name Necklaces:

The Memi name necklaces have been created with you in mind and aim to be a declaration of your unique personality. To achieve this, the dedicated team has crafted a range of styles that reflect certain personality traits. In doing so, the necklaces have taken on a personality all their own! Meet the dynamic bunch of our name necklace personality styles.


The Memi Classic name necklaces have a charming and cheerful style, which allows them to effortlessly blend themselves with any personality type. This style is always a favourite when it comes to finding name necklaces that will suit your personality.


When you step into a room wearing the Memi Bold name necklace, heads are going to turn. This necklace is assertive and alluring in personality, whilst still maintaining a feminine style.


If you are looking for a necklace that has a fun and artistic personality, then the Memi Initial name necklace has gracefully risen to the challenge. The spacing between the bold initials creates a stunning style and inspires intrigue.


Dynamite comes in small packages, and this Memi Mini name necklace is no different. This necklace has a dainty style while still having a powerful impact.

Hebrew or Arabic:

Memi embraces variation and diversity by offering different language options for their name necklaces. The Memi Hebrew and Arabic name necklaces boast a dignified style that is sure to grab anyone’s attention and be a great conversation starter.

Arabic-English or Hebrew-English:

A stunning name necklace that allows you to have your name in both languages. The style of these name necklaces draws attention to the combination, which further highlights their dynamic personality.


The Memi Signature name necklaces allow your personality to become an integral part of the design, creating an eloquent blend between the necklace style and your personality.


We know you used to doodle this symbol all over your high school notebooks, and we can understand why. Love, longevity, and eternal happiness are the personality traits that are encompassed in the Memi Infinity name necklace style.

Multi Name:

The Memi Multi name necklaces are designed to allow up to five names on the necklace chain. This design style gives this necklace an overall loving and social butterfly personality, which is perfect for those with so many people who they love in their life that they could not choose just one to highlight!


The show-stopping Memi Diamond name necklace style integrates the elegance of diamonds into a swooping font to give this necklace a zestful personality. If you are looking to showcase your finer qualities, diamonds are always the way to go.


The Memi Underlined name necklaces are proud and bold in style yet they still present themselves with an overall graceful personality.

Your Handwriting:

The Memi Your Handwriting name necklace is sentimental, personal, and meaningful in style. What more could you ask for in the personality of a name necklace aimed to showcase you and your great personality?


Throwing it back to the good-old-days, the design style of the Memi Retro name necklace will have you feeling joyful from its nostalgic personality.

Find the Perfect Match for Your Personality Traits:

Memi understands that one name necklace style will never be able to capture your entire personality. Your personality is composed of many brilliant characteristics, which all deserve to be proudly embraced. The name necklaces are here to showcase your personality by highlighting a few key distinctive personality traits.

Your personality traits are your defining features as they impact the way you interact with people, make decisions, and perceive the world. Find an aspect of your personality you love about yourself and showcase this to the world. We have chosen some personality traits and paired them with the perfect Memi name necklaces to inspire you.

1) Wild and Free:

Carefree, adventurous, and confident personality types will most likely be found outdoors or telling an incredible story about their latest escapade. Your wild and free personality type pushes you to live life to the fullest, and you need a necklace that will express this happy-go-lucky and optimistic outlook. We suggest the Classic or Mini style for your name necklaces, as both embrace these enviable personality traits through their style.

Being wild and free-spirited often comes with an appreciation for natural beauty. At Memi, there is an option to add a Swarovski gemstone accent to certain name necklaces. The addition of a natural gemstone draws a strong connection between you and nature, beautifully reflecting this personality type.

2) Fiery and Fierce:

If you have ever been called sassy, strong, or a loyal defender of your friends and family, then you have fiery and fierce personality traits. These admirable qualities deserved to be demonstrated with confidence, and there is no better necklace to do so than the Memi Bold name necklace. The strength of the font style easily captures the strength in your fiery and fierce personality.

Strong and independent personality traits need jewellery that will represent these qualities. Memi uses only genuine, high-quality, solid gold or sterling silver when crafting their beautiful name necklaces. This ensures that the metals of your necklace are as strong as you are.

3) Sporty Spice:

Whether it is Sup Boarding at the beach, maintaining a regular gym routine, or hiking away your weekend hours, this personality type loves any activity which gets their heart rate up and their skin glowing. You need name necklaces that will project these high-energy, extraverted, and ambitious personality traits. We are loving the Memi Your Handwriting name necklace, as your active individuality is celebrated in this name necklace.

The great news with Memi jewellery is that due to the choice of metals, the jewellery is extremely durable. Glistening skin, salty seas, or getting caught in the rain is not a problem for your Memi name necklaces so that you can enjoy all your adventures with your necklace showcasing your active personality.

4) Boss Babe:

A boss babe has personality traits of being career-driven, a side hustle queen, or willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals and dreams. We love to see women smiling in their name necklaces as they rise above the challenges they face in the working world. We suggest the Memi Underlined name necklace, as the addition of the line creates a powerful style and will assert your boss babe personality.

The great part about the Memi name necklaces, and Memi’s other necklaces and bracelets, is that they all come with an adjustable bead. This means that even if you have designed your Memi name necklaces to specifically suit your work's dress code, you are still able to adapt them to suit any other outfit.

5) Glamourous and Glitzy:

Glamourous and glitzy personality types love all things that sparkle! Socialising at vibey settings over the weekend, a keen eye for the finer details in all things, and the ability to see the beauty in life are the personality traits of the glamourous and glitzy. These personality types will have you dazzled, and their Memi name necklaces to do the same. The Memi Diamond name necklace captures this personality type exceptionally, as diamonds are symbolically associated with elegance and status, and shine the brightest out of all the Memi accents.

Memi uses only genuine diamonds for all their jewellery pieces with diamond accents. This means that you can step out in your Memi Diamond name necklaces with confidence that they will represent your glamourous and glitzy personality traits.

6) Culturally Proud:

Personality types that stem from a range of cultures, heritages, or religions make for adaptable, open-minded, and original personality traits. Embrace every facet of your personality by highlighting your unique background with a Memi name necklace. The Memi Arabic or Hebrew name necklaces are great for this personality type. The Memi name necklaces are also able to be customised to a language that best suits you.

Diverse backgrounds often tend to mean friends and family all over the world. Memi has you covered with their option to deliver their jewellery internationally and within a quick time frame. Channel your inner Oprah and allow everyone you care about to get Memi name necklaces to showcase their cultural pride.

7) Real Romantic:

Without falling into the trap of being a hopeless romantic, some of the greatest personality traits stem from the romantic personality type. Empathy, sincerity, and tolerance are the personality traits that make being a romantic personality type so special. Romantics often spoil everyone around them, but Memi wants you to put yourself first for a change and use the Memi Infinity name necklace as a token of expressing self-love for your wonderful personality.

We know you are going to find one of the name necklaces to be an ideal gift for a close friend or family member. Memi aims to help you express your loving personality by delivering all jewellery beautifully wrapped in a gift bag with a personalised gift card so that you can keep spreading the love.

Memi creates name necklaces with personality so that you can find the perfect necklace to celebrate your personality.