February’s birthstone: self-loving Amethyst


As we begin to settle into the new year, we are faced with a variety of emotions. The relief that comes with the end of the festive season and the hype of a new year is welcomed with open arms.

Phew, we can breathe again!

It is as if a door has been opened and fresh air is rushing in, bringing with it inspiration, calmness and creativity. Perhaps there’s a little love floating in through the door too?

It goes without saying that February is the month of love. But what if we were to tell you that the February birthstone, amethyst, can bring you more than just a bunch of red roses, champers at sunset and a little peck on your blushing cheek?

The history of Amethyst

The translation for the name Amethyst in Greek is ‘not drunk’. As fitting as it might be that amethyst is February’s birthstone, in true amethyst style why not cleanse yourself of ‘love drunkenness’ this month and treat yourself to some self-love instead? The year has just begun, ladies. Loving yourself will go a long way to ensuring you’re all set for the year ahead.

Amethyst is often thought of as a protective stone. As former globetrotters did before them, many travellers still carry amethyst with them today as protection on their journeys. So why not carry amethyst with you as you journey through 2019? Think of it as a secret way to add a little protection, confidence and calmness to clear your mind and help with open communication.

Stressed at work? Feeling anxious in the traffic? Or maybe you just can’t deal with the stress of planning the perfect Valentine’s Day picnic for your special someone. Wear your amethyst beauty around your neck to help calm your mind and clear it of any negative thoughts. Our heart birthstone necklace would be the perfect fit because hey, who wouldn’t want a stylish stress reliever inspired by love?

Like the ancient Greeks and Romans that held high the ability of the amethyst to clear the mind, they also placed high value on this semi-precious stone because of its durability, purple beauty and the luxurious aura it carries. It’s no wonder amethyst has been the right hand to royalty for centuries. Why not make it your right hand? With your girl boss attitude and love for pampering, you are royalty, after all!