​Friendship Goals with Your Memi Personalised Jewellery

by Andrew Smith

We all have that one friend who is our go-to when making plans, having a stressful day, or need someone to bounce an idea off. You and your best friend have a special bond unlike any other! Celebrate your unique friendship with matching Memi personalised jewellery.


Friends are there for each other always. You share their excitement for the big things that happen in their life; their first job, renting their first apartment, or starting a small business. You also hold their hand through the harder times, such as a death in their family, an ended relationship, or stress from their daily lives. Friendship is a bond between people that deserves to be cherished and celebrated.

What Makes a Great Friendship?

Great friends inspire you, challenge you, and support you through life. Strong and lasting friendships are worth their weight in gold. Check out these characteristics which are the basis of an enviable and successful friendship!

1. Communication: Open, honest, and friendly communication is important for a successful friendship. While you may not always speak frequently, when you do catch-up you go through a couple of cups of coffee to bring them up to date on all the small and big events in your life.

2. Listen: Knowing how to listen is an important skill when it comes to maintaining a friendship. Give your friend the attention they deserve when they are telling you about their life. Listening well to a friend will also help you provide them with advice if they need it.

3. Emotional Support: Life is constantly changing but being there for one another needs to be rock solid. Providing emotional support for your friend means being there no matter what. True emotional support also means being non-judgemental when they are opening up to you about any struggles they may be facing.

4. Growth: Great friends cheer you on in your successes and offer guidance when you may be steering off your path, even when you may not see so yourself. A truly great friendship also allows each other space to flourish on their own accord.

5. Memories: Ultimately, a best friend is that person who has been there through it all. Your bond has been made in the moments you have shared. You have memories together that you will tell your or their grandchildren about one day. Make sure each moment together builds onto your solid friendship foundation.

Memi Personalised Jewellery:

Memi is focused on showcasing your extraordinary individuality through beautiful, personalised jewellery. The friends we surround ourselves with impact the way we act, see the world, and see ourselves. A great friendship allows your personality to shine the same way Memi personalised jewellery does.

Great friendships are strong, durable, and timeless. Memi personalised jewellery is made using only genuine metals, diamonds, and Swarovski gemstones, meaning that your personalised jewellery will be as high-quality as your friendship.

Friendship Goals with Memi Personalised Jewellery:

Jewellery has always been used to symbolise the tight-knit relationship of best friends. Nothing shouts friendship goals louder than best friends who have matching Memi personalised jewellery! Make your Memi personalised jewellery a part of your friendship with any of the beautiful, stylish, and personalised jewellery items available at Memi.

Memi Personalised Jewellery for Best Friends:

Your friendship is one-of-a-kind, which means you need personalised jewellery to represent this. Memi offers a range of personalised jewellery in their necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and charms. Find the type of Memi personalised jewellery which best celebrates your friendship!


When it comes to BFF jewellery, no jewellery item captures a friendship better than a necklace which can be separated into two and then pieced back together to make a perfect whole. These necklaces are often used to demonstrate that your friend is always close by, even when apart. Showcase your friendship loudly and boldly with these friendship-inspired Memi necklaces.

1. Memi Puzzle Bar Necklace: You complete each other’s sentences, know exactly how to cheer each other up on a bad day, and have memories together you would not want your mother knowing about. The Memi Puzzle Bar necklace is a beautiful way to demonstrate how your friendship is that completing piece to your happy life.

2. Memi One Heart, Two Necklaces: There is no stronger and more sincere love than the love of a friend. Celebrate this great type of friendship with the Memi One Heart, Two Necklaces set of necklaces. A great alternative to getting each other’s names engraved is to get your nickname for each other engraved. This will add a personalised twist to a classic item of friendship jewellery.

3. Memi Three Best Friends Necklace: Three is never a crowd when it comes to the Memi Three Best Friends necklace. Create truly personalised jewellery with this necklace by getting all three friend's names engraved on the three separate necklaces. Nobody gets left out, and you get to celebrate your dynamic trio.

If you are loving the idea of having matching friendship necklaces with your best friend but have not found one which truly captures your friendship, then Memi is always happy to create a customised piece. Work alongside the dedicated Memi team to bring your dream necklace to life, so that you can showcase your unique friendship with an equally unique Memi necklace.


Whether you are both swinging your handbags as you strut along the street together or are using your hands to express how you feel about the latest gossip, add a personalised flair to your wrists with matching friendship Memi bracelets. Take the conventional “friendship bracelet” to the next level with these modern and stylish Memi bracelet designs. We have selected our favourite Memi bracelets that can be personalised specifically for celebrating your friendship.

1. Memi Infinity Satin Cord Bracelet: Nothing says “best friends forever” better than the Memi Infinity Satin cord bracelet. The satin cord adds an element of fun to this bracelet, echoing a bright and exciting friendship. The satin cord's colours are brown, pink, black, red, and blue. Make your bracelets match by choosing the same satin cord colour or allow your individual personalities to shine by choosing your own satin cord colour.

2. Memi Mini Shape Bracelet: This light and delicate bracelet is a beautiful way to celebrate a friendship in a simple and subtle style. Choose between a star, heart, disk, or flower for the shape of this bracelet. A bonus to this bracelet is that you can add up to ten shapes per bracelet chain, meaning that no one gets left out if you are lucky enough to have many close friends!

3. Memi Circle Bracelet: Circles are symbolically associated with wholeness, unity, and balance, which are great characteristics when it comes to choosing a bracelet to celebrate a healthy friendship. This bracelet allows for the engraving of two messages on the top and bottom of the circle. We are loving the engravement of your friend’s name on the top with their birthday on the bottom to make this bracelet a celebration of your friendship.

Friendships are not always smooth sailing. There are often arguments, clashes of opinions, or one of you is just taking your frustration out on the other. Great friends always find a way to bounce back and are all the stronger for it. Just like the repairing of a friendship, Memi will happily, in the small likelihood of this happening, repair and return any jewellery with manufacturing defects.


Using earrings to symbolise your friendship is a little outside the norm, and we are loving it. Earrings allow you to showcase your friendship in a subtle yet dazzling way. These Memi earrings celebrate your friendship whilst still staying true to your styles.

1. Memi Birthstone Earrings: Celebrate your love for your best friend by choosing a pair of Memi Birthstone earrings in their birthstone and get them to choose your birthstone. Memi has each month’s birthstone available in a Swarovski gemstone. This is a personalised way to celebrate your friendship without being over-the-top.

2. Memi Personalised Disk Earrings: If you are looking for personalised jewellery perfectly suited to celebrating a friendship, then Memi Personalised Disk earrings are exactly what you need. These earrings allow for each earring to be engraved with a different word. Choose to get each other’s names, two words that captures your characters, or “best friends” engraved on your matching set of earrings.

3. Memi Personalised Initial Earrings: These fun and elegant earrings are an easy way to showcase your friendship. Memi offers all jewellery in either rhodium plated sterling silver, or 9k white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Stick with the theme of getting your Memi Personalised Initial earrings in the same precious metal or highlight your individuality by choosing a precious metal that best captures your personality or suits your skin tone.

Many friendships find themselves apart in distance, but never in heart. Share your love for your best friend by using Memi’s free delivery service to send them the matching set of your personalised friendship earrings.


Charm bracelets are an elegant and fun way to have a wearable memory box on your sleeve! The many charms available at Memi make it easy to find a charm that captures a memory, a characteristic, or the personality of your friendship.

1. Activity Themed Charm: Friends often bond over a shared interest in some activity. Are you both beach babes and love to chat whilst catching some waves, or do you both have green thumbs and swap pot plant tips? Memi charms are available in a wide range of themes making it easy to find matching charms that demonstrate your friendship focus. Whether it is the Memi Theatre charm, the Memi Artists Palate charm, or the Memi Cactus charm, find a charm that showcases an activity you both love doing together.

2. Astrology Themed Charm: Are you the Sagittarius to their Leo? Do you both enjoy reading your horoscopes to help shed light on why something is happening in your lives? The Memi Zodiac charm is a beautiful charm with embedded meaning; much like your friendship.

3. Travel Themed Charm: Do you and your best friend “accidentally” book flights to exotic places and love travelling the world together? Memi has a wide range of travel-themed charms to adorn your matching Memi Charm Carriers with. Your charm carrier can be as full as your passport with memories with your best friend.

Charm your best friend with a surprise gift showcasing your love and appreciation for your friendship. Memi delivers all jewellery beautifully wrapped, making it a perfect and easy way to send a gift. You are also able to attach a personalised gift card, which is the perfect moment to tell your friend why they are the best.

Use your Memi personalised jewellery to celebrate the special and unique bond between you and your friend.