​Personalised Jewellery Gifting

by Gary Nathan

Buying gifts is a notoriously difficult task and it is truly getting more and more difficult every day. Everyone around us seems to have everything that they need, and it becomes so tough to think of new, innovative and sentimental gifting ideas. When choosing a gift, many thoughts come to mind: “what do I like?”; “what does the person that I’m buying this gift for like?”; “am I buying this because I like it? Or am I buying this because they would like it?”; “is this something that they really need?”; “is it something that they will use, or will it just sit and gather dust in the back of the cupboard?”; “is this gift useful?”; “is it beautiful?”; and the list can go on and on and on.

Well, here’s some exciting news for you – Memi has the perfect gifting options for you! And with such a vast variety to choose from, the answer to all the questions above will be “ABSOLUTELY YES!” – except for the dust bit, that is. Whether you are in the mood to spoil yourself (which should be always – you deserve it!), or you are looking for a special gift for a friend or a dear family member, you will be able to find something for everyone at Memi. Memi has endless options that will satisfy all your gifting and jewellery dreams!

Why personalised jewellery?

Personalised jewellery is special because it allows each of us to be able to tell our own individual and unique stories with the jewellery around our necks, caressing our ears, or laying on our wrists. These days, when you look around, everyone can be seen wearing the same thing because we all have access to the exact same shops.

When investing in personalised jewellery, you are ensured that your item is going to be one of a kind and exactly to your liking. Personalised jewellery never goes out of date because the meaning behind that jewellery will always be close to our hearts.

In many ancient civilisations such as ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, Greece and even India, jewellery was worn to symbolise power and wealth.

People would be adorned with gold, diamonds, gems, and riches to show off their wealth and social status. Soon, people began wearing jewellery to ward off the evil and to symbolise good fortune. Later, jewellery was worn to represent beauty and to adorn the bodies of those that were not necessarily the richest or the wealthiest. Jewellery was also known to be worn for practical purposes – like to hold pieces of clothing in place, to tell the time, to signify marriage, and to carry around personal and sacred items and photographs (locket necklaces).

Another widely known example of personalised jewellery is the charm bracelet. Some of the first charm bracelets were worn by Assyrians and Persians and began making an appearance from 600 – 400 BC. This means that personalised jewellery is by no means a new concept – rather a timeless one. The charm bracelet is the perfect means of carrying around little symbols of memories and milestones with us wherever we go.

How personal can Memi really get?

At Memi you have a selection of materials that your jewellery can be made from, a selection of diamonds to choose from (of course we need to be able to add a little bit of sparkle to our lives), there is an engraving option that allows you to carry a few special words with you wherever you go, there are a host of charms to choose from, and there are many different styles of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that can complement any person in any outfit.

Memi’s name necklaces and bracelets:

Memi offers a wide range of necklaces and bracelets that can be custom-made to include your name or the name of a loved one. Some of the options include a mini name bracelet, an underlined name necklace, names in many fonts and sizes, names in different languages, names in your own handwriting, and even multi name necklaces!

But you may be wondering, why would you want to wear your name around your neck if there’s no chance of you forgetting your own name? Your name is special and unique, your name defines who you are and encompasses your personality and character. The first thing that people ask about you is your name, so why do you make it a little bit easier for them and wear it around your neck or wrist?

There is also an option to add diamonds to your name necklace so that your name can shine as bright as the stars. Memi’s name necklaces and bracelets allow you to embrace the unique qualities and whimsical characteristics of your name by making it possible to customise the style of your name jewellery. You can display your name in a your name or surname in the language of your heritage, your nickname with a quirky twist, your name or surname in the language of your heritage or even a signature!

Here are a few ways that you can even further customise your jewellery:

1. Customise the material of your jewellery – Memi jewellery is available in sterling silver, 9k yellow gold, 9k white gold and 9k rose gold. You can create the ultimate personalised jewellery by choosing the material that best matches your style, your wardrobe, and that best suits the undertones of your skin and hair. With these different material options, you can also design an item that will match your budget. Not all personalised jewellery calls for you to sell an arm and a leg!

2. Customise the style and font of your name or the engravings on your jewellery – part of the beauty of personalised jewellery is that, when designing a name pendant or an engraving, the font that you choose to write your script in encompasses your own personal and unique style. Here follow a few examples of how the fonts that you choose can portray different styles:

a. For a subtle and elegant look, choose a cursive font that has a wispy feel and a few curls at the end of each letter. This allows for more abstract look and calls for a viewer to pay closer attention to see what your engraving really means.

b. For a bold and strong look, choose a font that includes capital letters. This will allow for anyone walking past to see what is written immediately, but it will also entice them to stop and to take a second look because of the strength that is exuded through this piece. A strong and bold look can also be achieved by underlining the name or engraved word on your pendant.

c. For a vintage look, explore a typewriter font. This is a timeless font that will never become outdated. In the event that you forget about your personalised jewellery piece and find it in 10 years’ time, you will still be able to wear it and be trendy.

3. Customise the accessories and accents attached to your jewellery – Memi offers a range of jewellery that is accented by diamonds – so that you can wear the stars around your neck. Adding diamonds to your jewellery not only introduces an element of glitz and glam, but it also adds to the value (and therefore the sentimental worth of your personalised jewellery). By adding diamonds onto your name necklace or initial pendant, this allows for you to pass the items down to the future generations of your family which adds even more sentiment to an already sentimental piece.

Not only does Memi offer the addition of diamonds to your personalised jewellery, but also birthstones! All birthstones offered are genuine Swarovski crystals and add an extra personal touch by representing the month in which you are born. Memi also offers the options of having name or initial necklaces and bracelets including accessories such as rings, infinity symbols, trees of life and many more.

4. Customise the length of your necklaces – not only do all Memi necklaces come with an adjustable clasp which means that you are able to customise the length of your necklace to suit each of your outfits, Memi also offers three different necklace lengths (45cm, 50cm and 55cm). A longer necklace can sometimes get lost amongst the details of your clothing though, so if you would like to show of your personalised jewellery, consider shortening the chain of your necklace so that the pendant can lie on the centre of your sternum – and now you will grab everyone’s attention!

5. Customise the style of your bracelets – a bracelet is the perfect addition if you are looking to lift, add sone funk to, or personalise your outfit. Your unique Memi bracelet can be worn alone as a bolt or delicate statement piece or can be added as an element of a bracelet stack. Your bracelet can be small, simple, and dainty, or can be bold and strong – the choice is all yours.

Have you been charmed by Memi yet?

In addition to the variety of personalised jewellery options mentioned above, Memi offers a variety of charms that can be added onto a yellow/white/rose gold or sterling silver necklace or bracelet or even a satin chord (for a more casual look). The charms come in all different shapes and sizes and can also include names, initials, diamonds, and birthstones. Here are a few of many reasons why charm jewellery might be the best option for you:

1. Charms help you hold onto precious memories – with the wide rage of charms offered by Memi, you will be able to piece together a collection that will help you to preserve your special memories and experiences. You will be able to find a collection of symbols that embrace moments that are special to you and that you want to remember forever.

2. Charms allow you to carry a piece of home with you wherever you go – Memi’s charms will allow you to carry the memory of home with you even if you are on the other side of the world. Whether you choose the Africa charm to symbolise your home continent or choose a charm that reminds you of a close loved one, when you look at the charm on your necklace or bracelet you will be transported back to the comfortable feeling of home.

3. Charms allow you to carry around your connections with special friends or loved ones – Memi’s charm range also includes the “Breakable puzzle charm” which includes two puzzle pieces that ft together perfectly. These puzzle pieces can be worn on separate bracelets and necklaces and they can also have different names engraved on them. This is the perfect gift for your best friend – because you will get one too!

With Memi’s huge variety of personalised jewellery options, the thought of buying a gift does not seem that daunting after all!