Happy Valentine’s Day to me!


Do you remember your first Valentine’s Day? You were probably handed a scruffy card with bent corners and a lopsided heart drawn on the front. Butterflies flit around your belly button and you think: I’m in love – this is the person I am going to marry!

But then you see them on the playground, try to say thank you with a kiss but get pushed away and called a ‘poopy head’. Suddenly something that seemed perfect has now become the most painful thing you have ever dealt with.

Welcome to love.

It’s 20 years later and nothing has changed, men are still confessing their undying love and then running in the opposite direction. It’s sad really, because they don’t realise what a gem you really are.

So, this year, instead of waiting for someone to fork out the cash and buy you shiny things, ask yourself: ‘What would Beyoncé do?’

That’s right, Queen Bey would flip her hair, put on her sassiest outfit and forget all about the haters. Our advice this time is follow her lead and be your own Valentine!

We’ve even made it super easy with a list of our top Valentine picks that you can get to spoil yourself. Here is a breakdown of our favourite me·mi jewels for you to choose from.

Silver sisters

  • Infinity bracelet – good for reminding you to keep hustling for your dreams
  • Monogram bracelet – for your inner flashy diva, royal swirls and all
  • Love story – a place to tell your own love story in a phrase, how you found yourself and why you love her
  • Mini heart bracelet – simple and timeless, for the lady who makes a statement on her own
  • Diamond name necklace – your name in lights, and by lights we mean diamonds
  • Initial pendant necklace – a hit with celebrities, your initial as an accessory to everything

Go for gold

  • Multi-heart necklace – the ultimate girl next door pendant with a touch of gold
  • Tree of life necklace – mysterious and beautiful, shows how you grow inside and out
  • Quatro drop bar necklace – a decadent, personalised mini gold bar hanging from your neck? Yes please.

Everything’s rosy

  • My love story – a pendant that suits any outfit, with a hidden, personal message inside
  • Seed of life story – stunning and set in rose gold, this necklace is balanced and full of life, just like you

Found your perfect jewellery match yet? Remember that it’s ok to splurge a little on yourself every now and then. You don’t need to rely on others to affirm you, especially not a romantic relationship.

Why? Let’s face it honey, you are one of a kind, unique and add something to the world which no one else can. Be yourself and wear personalised jewellery to match, with a little freedom and a touch of sparkle you could change the world.