In Bloom (Spring is here!)

by alexa corlett

An ode to new beginnings and about finding strength in vulnerability.

After a long, cold and grey winter Spring is here and we just want to say YAY. It's time for a new season and we are so ready for it.
Flowers undoubtedly influence our mood (usually for the better) that is why for instance, the gesture of man giving woman flowers on a birthday or come Valentine's day is a mood-stimulating gesture. Boosts our endorphin level and is the reason we feel good about ourselves.

Get ready to fall in love and let your soul glow.

A legendary flower dictionary defines the character of a person according to his or her name. A woman named Lily means purity and violet beauty, for example. On our most recent photoshoot for the new Spring/Summer season our goal was to express and appreciate the raw beauty of form and simplicity in nature, our surroundings. With an appropriate choice of jewellery used on our girls, we decided it's better rather to reflect and reinvent yourself and continue than hold onto the chaos of what has been the past couple of months.

We are excited to bring you pieces that will become a part of your summer memories.
Over the course of the next few months we will be dropping a variety of new styles, stay tuned.

Photography by Gerald Kallis
Models Martine and Josephine (Circle Management)
Hair and makeup by Sarah Whiteside