The Inside Story

by Aaron Brockhurst
Personalized message jewelry

The Inside Story collection was inspired by a dear friend, Michael who sadly lost his courageous battle with cancer.

Just before passing away at the age of 49, Michael, a father of three beautiful children, wanted to give his daugther a gift, one that would serve as a reminder of him, and a source of inspiration to her.

Michael, a creative soul who had an eye for aesthetics and a great sense of style, explained that he wanted a beautiful piece of jewellery, simple yet stylish, on trend yet timeless, and most importantly it should be deeply personal and meaningful.

Our design team loved the idea, and together with Michael, they created the perfect piece to capture his feelings.

With this inspiration our Inside Story Collection was born. This collection gives our customers an opportunity to share their personal message in the most exquisite way. This beautiful range of fine jewellery, has a round disk made from sterling silver or solid gold that provides the space to engrave your own words of inspiration or a quote that you love, covered by one of our uniquely designed pendants.

In Michael's memory we are donating 10% of the sales on this website of this collection to the Rohan Bloom Foundation, a foundation dedicated to helping ease the suffering of children battling with cancer.

Our hope is that Michael's memory will be a source of inspiration to all of us.

This was Michael's story ... Let us help you share yours and together we can make a difference.