June Birthstone: The Protector Gemstone, Light Amethyst

by alexa corlett
June Birthstone

We could always use a little bit of protection.

Amethyst is often thought of as a protective stone, which is nice to keep in mind when you go out on your solo evening strolls you'll feel a whole lot safer wearing your Personalised Tree Of Life necklace.

When researching gem stones you'll find that Amethyst is pretty high up on the list of top gemstones in the world reason being because it is such a beautiful and powerful stone. Amethyst gem stones have more than what meets the eye; it is said that they can heal and provide inner strength. If you are a more spiritual person then this is the gem for you - it's proven to show healing characteristics, minimizing mental fatique and stress restoring weakened energies within you. It also shows detoxifiying properties which date back to the Ancient Greek when they discovered that making drinking vessels out of Amethyst (a luxurious sounding drinking glass, right?) it would prevent them from getting drunk. Now there's a fun fact for you.

So tap into your higher level of conciousness and bejewel yourself with memi andornments. Life's too short to have stress and anxiety cripple us. Let the healing properties of Amethyst help uplift your spirits on a daily basis.

Our SWAROVSKI crystals are the perfect alternative to actual diamonds, they're ethically sourced and half the price. Our personal favorite piece to personalise with your June amethyst crystal is the Initial Story necklace, we love the added sparkle that leaves us feeling safe and happy inside.