Live and wear self care

by Jason Forbes

Obviously as a jeweller we love bedecking ladies with a touch of sparkle to make them feel special. However, our favourite thing to accessorise is a happy person. The modern world is full of challenges and distractions, and perhaps the greatest hurdle we face is how to carve out a healthy existence.

When was the last time you treated yourself? No, a chocolate wolfed down while running between tasks doesn’t count. Self-care isn’t about stolen moments, and it’s not just about the physical. It’s about everything that makes up all of you: your mind, body and soul and too often it is considered a reward rather than a process. For peace, fulfilment and happiness there are lots of contributory factors, and you deserve to meet these needs and find your best balanced self.


There’s a very good reason why meditation has become such a buzzword of late. Busy lives breed busy minds, and often an inability to switch off. This means that our over simulated brains can struggle to embrace periods of downtime, and leave us exhausted as they continue to fire on all cylinders.

If meditation isn’t your thing, why not try journaling? It may seem old school, but getting your thoughts, issues or to do list on paper can help give you perspective. You might also discover or rekindle a creative disposition just pining to be unleashed!

Taking time to breathe deeply is proven to improve your mood and increase your ability to make rational decisions. Remind yourself to stay calm and keep focused throughout the day by adding a peace charm to your charm carrier – a symbol of balance for a peaceful life.


Exercise is important not only for the body, but also for the mind. Endorphins are powerful mood boosters generated by exercise, so whatever you do to get a sweat on will help you feel great mentally too. Anything which increases your heart rate also improves circulation, which will help dispel tired legs and give you a clearer mind.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to get active, the end result of a healthier body and happier mind are the same. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Pilates strengthens and stretches muscles at your pace, whatever your age or current level of flexibility. This is especially recommended for desk workers who often have residual shoulder tension from typing.
  • Running is the ultimate energiser. All you need are some trainers, time and somewhere to go. Why not run with a friend instead of going for a coffee or glass of wine?
  • Kayla Itsines has really brought functional training to the forefront with her bikini body workouts. This approach is great for the goal oriented, as you learn how to target specific areas. You can now exercise using her Sweat app, which is specifically geared towards ladies and lets your workout with an expert on your own schedule.
  • Swimming is the perfect summer activity. It’s also a full body workout which has a significant calming effect on the mind.

If none of these tickle your fancy, how about a little goat yoga Khloé Kardashian style? We won’t be copying that one soon either, but would love a name necklace, just like Khloé’s!


Our jewellery is made to enhance your unique inner beauty. We want to tell the world your story the way it deserves to be told: in precious metals and gems. The best precious thing on a woman is a smile, but even that looks better near some jewels!

Live your story well and then wear it for the world to see. Be kind to yourself, take time to craft the best version of you, and perhaps celebrate one of your victories with a piece from our inside story collection