​Make the Most of Your Mornings with Memi Bracelets:

by Andrew Smith

Some mornings we are up with the birds, while other mornings we find ourselves running out the door, make-up bag in hand, knowing how late we are. A strong morning routine that is personalised to you is the way to set up a successful day. Take the time to show yourself some self-care with a great morning routine and start your day successfully with Memi bracelets.

Morning Routine:

Every new year seems to start with high hopes of changing bad habits, starting new routines, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Then you realise a few months into the year that your New Year’s Resolutions are lying forgotten at the bottom of a drawer and every day has blended into the next feeling no different from the year before. We have all been there, done that, and gotten the t-shirt.

One way to kick-start your day into being memorable, successful, and allow you to feel accomplished is to set up a great morning routine. Morning routines set the tone for your day. You never know, you just might have some time for that new cooking course or read that book you have been putting off for months with a great morning routine.

A morning routine allows you to start your day with intention rather than allowing your

morning to rule you. Morning routines boost happiness, increase productivity, reduce stress levels, and allow you to feel grounded for your day. Wake up on the right side of the bed every morning with a great morning routine.

What Makes a Morning Routine Great?

Everyone’s morning starts differently. Some need to make sure their children are dressed and ready for school, while others need their morning to squeeze in a gym session before work. Finding a morning routine that works for you is based on your personal preferences and will suit your daily needs.

1. Write a List: Spend time writing a list of all the things you hope to achieve in your mornings. This can range from your daily routines and include other things you want to start incorporating into your morning, like reading or meditating.

2. Order Your List: Rank this list in order of importance so that each morning you know what needs to be done. If you have spare time in your morning, you can fit in the items which are lower on your list.

3. The Night Before: Writing a list helps you see how much time you need in the morning to achieve everything you need to. If possible, try and help yourself out by prepping for the morning the night before. Laying out your work clothes with matching Memi bracelets, prepping your lunch, and doing a quick tidy of your bedroom are easy ways to start your morning with less rush and more time to focus on feeling refreshed and ready.

4. Give Yourself a Break: Some mornings we tick everything off our list before our first cup of coffee while other mornings we keep hitting snooze on our alarms. Do not be too hard on yourself if some mornings you struggle to follow your morning routine. If you are finding your morning routine almost impossible to achieve and this is negatively impacting your day, then it is time to revise your routine. Your morning routine is not set in stone and can be altered until it perfectly suits making you feel happy and ready to face each day.

Tips for a Great Morning Routine:

It is never too early for self-care, and a great morning routine is the best form of self-care. You start your day feeling refreshed and ready for all your tasks when you have a great morning routine.

The Memi bracelets are made to fit every person who wears the bracelets, but there is no one-size-fits-all morning routine. Like your personalised Memi bracelets, you need to find a morning routine that works for your personality. We have found a couple of tips to help get your personalised morning routine on track.

1) Wake Up Early:

This seems to be the mantra of most self-help books out there, and we can understand why. Waking up early allows you to have extra time in the morning. This can either be used to get stuff done or to simply allow yourself to wake up without rushing. If waking up early is a foreign concept, start by waking up ten minutes earlier each day until you reach your desired wake-up time.

2) Make Your Bed:

Life gets busy, and often one thing leads to the next. Starting your day by making your bed as you wake up starts your day with one accomplishment under the belt. Plus, getting back into a freshly made bed after a long day is what dreams are made of.

3) Skip the Coffee:

Do not get us wrong, we all love a cup of warm coffee in the morning to help kick start the day. But after eight or so hours of blissful rest, a cup of caffeine is an intense boost to your body’s system. Here is why we will be reaching for a glass of water when we open our eyes (and sipping on that cup of coffee later).

1. Rehydrate Your Body: We all know the benefits of drinking water, and when your body has gone a few hours without it, it is time to top up the tank. Starting your day with a glass of water helps rehydrate your body so that your body can function properly.

2. Mental Alertness: Yes, a glass of water first thing in the morning does make you more alert than a cup of coffee. Water helps you feel more mentally refreshed and allows for maintaining your mental alertness, which is a great feeling to start your day off with.

We suggest placing a glass of water next to your bed the night before so that you remember to drink your water as you wake up. If lukewarm water sounds worse than cold tea to you, take the time to put a bottle of water in the fridge the night before. Keep your water in front of your milk in case you auto-pilot straight to a cup of coffee.

4) Stretch:

There are two types of people in the world. Those who love a morning exercise routine, and others who simply cannot (will not) wake up before the sun to start getting sweaty. But anyone will enjoy a good morning stretch session.

Stretching in the morning helps get your blood flowing after an extended period of lying down. Create a stretching routine that works into your morning schedule. If an entire yoga routine is too much to squeeze in, a simple toe-touch and a mountain pose (with a yawn thrown in there) is a great way to allow your body to feel ready and fresh for the day.

5) Put Off Checking Your Phone:

Are you like Macklemore and looking for a better way to get up out of bed instead of getting on the internet? Your phone can be a pocket-sized stressor. Your work emails, the news, messages from friends requiring things from you all flood your brain before you have even wiped the gunge from your eyes.

Another negative to checking your phone as you wake up is that it tends to throw off your morning routine. We do not blame you for getting absorbed when scrolling through the Memi Instagram page, but this can be done at a later stage after your water drinking and stretching.

Avoid using your phone as an alarm, for as soon as you turn that bleating tormentor off,

your eyes are automatically attracted to all your notifications or social media icons. Invest in an alarm clock or sleep with the curtains open so that you can put off checking your phone until you are in the best mental space to deal with everything on your phone.

6) Get Dressed:

Getting dressed and ready for the day is where your morning routine comes together. Even if you work from home, there is something extremely powerful in getting out of your pyjamas and into a daily outfit. Getting dressed into a comfortable and suitable outfit for your daily activities allows you to be more productive and feel happier during your day.

Bracelets are the best way to add a touch of elegance and fun to any outfit. Memi bracelets can also be used to make you feel ready for a successful, productive, and enjoyable day ahead. Start every day with style when you pair your daily outfits with your Memi bracelets.

Memi Bracelets:

Like your morning routine is designed to work specifically for your personality, lifestyle, and daily tasks, the Memi bracelets are designed to suit you too. All Memi bracelets can be customised to suit your style and personality.

The variety of Memi bracelets makes it easy to curate your bracelets to be synonymous with a successful, empowering, and high-quality day. Incorporate your Memi bracelets into your daily outfits so that each day you wear on your wrist a reminder to be the best version of yourself. Finish your morning routine off with clasping your Memi bracelets onto your wrist and walk out the door feeling powerful and stylish.

It is easy to find Memi bracelets that can capture the happy and powerful feeling you get from a great morning routine. Here are the Memi bracelets we love for starting your day off for success.

Memi Mini Name Bracelets: Nothing captures who you are better than your name. Incorporate the Memi Mini Name bracelets into your daily attire to have bracelets that represent who you are. Use your Memi Mini Name bracelets to feel inspired by all that you have been through which has led to the person you are today.

Memi Bar Satin Cord Bracelets: The Memi Bar Satin Cord bracelets allow you to engrave a word onto the bar. Choose a word for these Memi bracelets which will inspire you or keep you motivated towards achieving a goal. This helps guide your day so that you stay true to where you are hoping to go in life.

Memi Your Belief Bracelets: Memi bracelets are beautiful and elegant, allowing you to showcase your religion in a way that will spark admiration. Wearing Memi bracelets with your religious belief will help you keep your day in line with your religious views.

Memi Charm Bracelets: The Memi Charm Carrier bracelets are the perfect accompaniment to any lifestyle. You can create your Memi bracelets to have inspiring meaning, motivational symbolism, or sentimentality which will guide your day. Choose between any one of the Memi charms for your charm bracelets to pair with your daily outfits so that you feel ready and powerful for your day.

Make your morning routine great by personalising it to your needs and start your successful day in style with your Memi bracelets.