​Make Yourself a Priority with Your Memi Name Necklace

by Gary Nathan

Do you ever find yourself rushing to an appointment, shoving some sort of take-away food in your mouth because you forgot to eat breakfast, and are thinking about all the things you need to do when you get home? Life gets busy, and we often side-line ourselves in our attempt to check everything off our (endless) lists. Add some me-time to your to-do list and make yourself a priority with the Memi name necklace.


Memi is based on the ethos of “me, myself, and I”, which places you at the centre. We strive to express your value, beauty, and worth through our personalised jewellery pieces. Let your originality shine through jewellery designed specifically for you. To Memi, you are always our priority.

Why is it Important to Make Yourself a Priority?

Making yourself a priority is not selfish, but rather a necessity. It means taking the time to show yourself some self-love so that you can be the best version of yourself. These are our reasons why it is important to make yourself a priority.

1. Health: Long working hours, house duties, and constant social events on the weekends will have you constantly on the go. This can lead to burnout, where you experience constant exhaustion, frustration, and lack of motivation. This constant stress will negatively impact your immune system making you susceptible to falling ill. Making yourself a priority means taking the time to relax and allow your body to rest so that you can tackle each daily challenge feeling refreshed.

2. Relationships: Making yourself a priority gives means giving yourself the time and space to get to know yourself, rest, and ultimately feel rejuvenated. Making yourself a priority to have a successful relationship seems counterintuitive, but when you are in a happy head-space there is more happiness and laughter in your relationship. Taking time for yourself also allows your partner to do the same, which ends up being a win-win situation.

3. Happiness: When you are constantly busy putting the needs of others before you, over time life tends to feel dull and a drag. Making yourself a priority allows you to put your feelings first which will improve your mood. Make yourself a priority so that you can dazzle everyone around you with your gorgeous smile!

Ways to Make Yourself a Priority:

Sometimes making yourself a priority is easier said than done. We know you are thinking that you just do not have time for bubble baths and facemasks. While these are great ways to give yourself some self-love, we have found practical ways to incorporate into your life to keep your well-being at the top of your to-do list.

1. No means No: You have just been invited to spend your Sunday at your boss’s child’s second birthday party. While you appreciate the invite, you would rather spend the day in bed binge-watching Netflix. Listen to how you feel about a situation and follow your gut. Politely decline to watch two-year-olds fling cake all over the table and get up to date with your latest series. Learning how to say no to situations is a great way to make yourself a priority. Remember to stand strong in your decision without feeling guilty about putting your needs or wants first.

2. Pursue your Passions: Has the banana-bread bug from Lockdown bitten and you realise you love to bake? Do you stay awake at night thinking about the next time you can go for a surf? Our passions, no matter how big or small, are our fuel that keeps life fun and exciting. Making time to pursue your passion is the best way tomake yourself a priority.

3. Look After for Your Body: As a mother, you would be horrified to find out that your children had eaten a (stale) garage doughnut the whole day. As a partner, seeing your partner drained and burnt-out would make you worried. You would probably hold an intervention if your friends were living on caffeine and minimal sleep. You give everyone in your life the time and space to be the best versions of themselves and offer a helping hand if they have gone off the deep end. Make yourself a priority by treating yourself with the same love and care you give to those around you.

4. Do Nothing: Yes, you can take a moment to step back from life. Doing nothing allows you to stop and experience the present around you, like the weather, how you are feeling, or what thoughts have been racing through your mind. Doing nothing offers you a feeling of peace and fulfilment. Schedule it in your diary if you need to, but an easy way to make yourself a priority is to dedicate a few minutes in your day to have a physical and mental break.

5. Spoil Yourself: Now and then, we need to show ourselves some self-love. This does wonder for boosting our mood and feeling like we have given ourselves some much-needed attention. What better way to give yourself a little self-spoil than with a Memi name necklace!

Memi Name Necklace:

When it comes to a piece of jewellery that symbolises putting yourself first, there is no greater jewellery than the Memi necklace. With you at the centre of the design, this piece is all about celebrating you. On a long and elegant chain hangs this reminder that you are equally worth the love and attention you give out to the world.

Memi is here to celebrate you by creating timeless jewellery designed to your personal preferences. Unique names, hyphenated names, or the addition of non-standard characters are easily done by Memi to make sure your necklace is an accurate reflection of who you are.

The Memi name necklace comes in a range of designs to perfectly capture your personality. From the Memi Bold name necklace to the Memi Mini name necklace, you are spoilt for choice with the beautiful fonts and styles. Choose a necklace in your preferred style and metal colour, and even add an accent to further demonstrate your individuality.

If there is a design outside of the style range that you feel best suits your personality, Memi is always happy to help. You can customise any Memi jewellery product. To customise a Memi name necklace, simply consult with a member of our skilled and dedicated design team and we will send through a quote on your design. A preview image of your necklace custom design is also available at an additional cost.

Often, we need a reminder to make ourselves a priority. What better reminder than a beautiful necklace hanging around your neck every day? Look in the mirror every m

orning as you put your Memi name necklace on and smile at all the wonderful qualities, experiences, and moments that have resulted in you being in this present moment.

Memi Jewellery Maintenance:

When you are putting yourself first and shining all the brighter for it, you want your jewellery to do the same. All Memi jewellery is easy to maintain due to the high quality, durability, and strength which comes from using either solid gold or rhodium plated sterling silver. But a little extra polish goes a long way with your Memi name necklace to help your name radiate.

Why Clean Your Necklace:

Making yourself a priority means doing things for yourself. When you own a necklace, you own a symbol of your style and identity. If there is anything worth spending a few minutes on, it is getting your Memi name necklace back to its original shine.

Although solid gold and rhodium plated sterling silver are durable metals, over time and use they can begin to tarnish slightly. Tarnishing is the discolouration and dulling of your jewellery. The tarnishing is a result of the metals which are alloyed with solid gold and rhodium plated sterling silver. These are the things which can tarnish your jewellery.

• Sweat

• Perfume

• Oils

Maintaining your necklace keeps the metal lustrous and reflective. When you start making yourself a priority, you begin to glow from the inside out. Therefore, it is important to have your necklace as bright as you are.

When to Clean Your Name Necklace:

While maintaining your jewellery may feel like another thing to add to your to-do list, the high quality of the Memi jewellery means that you do not have to clean your jewellery often. Making yourself a priority means making sure your necklace which tells a story about who you are speaks loudly and brightly. Here is our quick guide on when to clean your Memi necklace and other Memi jewellery items.

1. Every Six Months: If you wear your necklace on special occasions, then polishing is suggested for every six months.

2. Every Three Months: If you have fallen in love with the Memi name necklace and wear it every day, then polishing your Memi name necklace every three months is suggested.

Memi Jewellery Cleaning Kit:

Memi offers an at-home jewellery cleaning kit that is easy to use. This is what is included in the Memi jewellery cleaning kit:

• Mini toothbrush.

• Cleaning liquid.

• Fine net basket.

• Specialised polishing cloth.

How to Clean Your Memi Name Necklace with the Cleaning Kit:

In a matter of minutes your Memi name necklace, and other Memi jewellery, will be back to their original lustre with the easy process of cleaning your jewellery with your Memi at-home cleaning kit.

1. Dip the mini toothbrush into the cleaning liquid and gently give your Memi name necklace a quick scrub.

2. Place your scrubbed Memi name necklace into the fine net basket and place the basket into the cleaning liquid for a few minutes.

3. Remove the fine net basket from the liquid and allow your Memi name necklace to dry.

4. Once dry, use the specialised polishing cloth to add the final sparkle to your Memi name necklace.

Memi Jewellery Cleaning Service:

Memi understands the importance of keeping jewellery clean, which is why we want to make the cleaning process easy for you. Memi offers an in-store jewellery cleaning service for all Memi jewellery. You are Memi’s priority, so all in-store jewellery cleaning is done for free. You are also able to bring your Memi jewellery as many times as you wish. Simply drop off your Memi name necklace and our team will get to work on making your necklace a stunner again.

The Best Way to Clean Your Memi Name Necklace:

The at-home cleaning kit and the in-store cleaning service both do a fantastic job of getting your Memi name necklace to glimmer. Overall, we suggest the at-home cleaning kit. This kit is extremely easy to use and can be used on your other jewellery items.

Use your sparkling Memi name necklace as a reminder that making yourself a priority is something you deserve.