​Memi Jewellery: How to Start a Jewellery Blog


Turn your passion for jewellery into something meaningful and creative with a jewellery blog. Starting a jewellery blog is made easy with our helpful steps. Enjoy the process and showcase your beautiful Memi jewellery.

Memi Jewellery:

Memi creates personalised jewellery which is perfectly suited to your design and style tastes. Our dedicated team can bring any jewellery idea to life by creating customised necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. With the wide range of beautiful jewellery available at Memi, it is easy to find a piece (or multiple pieces) that you will fall in love with and want to share with the world.


A blog is an exciting way to showcase your writing skills and passion about a topic but sitting down and starting your blog can be daunting. We have answered some commonly asked questions around blogs and blogging about jewellery to help make this process exciting rather than nerve-racking.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website which is an online space dedicated to sharing your views and interests. Although a blog is online and available for the world to view, blogs are personal spaces. The world gets a sneak peek into your personal opinions, interests, and experiences with your chosen topic.

A blog can be on any topic which you find interesting or worth writing about. For a successful blog, we suggest keeping your content light, bright, and interesting. Find a topic and peruse other blogs which focus on your topic to see what other people are writing about. This can help you see what will be relevant to your readers and find gaps in content to fill with your fresh ideas.

Why Start a Jewellery Blog?

Do you find yourself always on the hunt for the latest necklace trends? Do you love a great bracelet special? Do you love spoiling yourself with beautiful Memi earrings? If so, jewellery is your passion, and creating a jewellery blog is perfect for you!

Blogs are a form of self-expression. It is a platform to share all that interests you about jewellery, be creative in the information you share, and ultimately explore your passion deeply. Memi loves using jewellery to celebrate your uniqueness. Express your love for jewellery through a blog at the same time as expressing your individuality with your Memi jewellery.

Why Blog About Local Jewellery Brands?

Supporting local is always lekker but showcasing local jewellery brands in your blog has other unique benefits. Having a great understanding of local jewellery brands and their current necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring styles and designs will keep you on the pulse of the current trends in South Africa. People are always looking for the next big trend, so make sure they come straight to your blog to get the inside scoop.

Supporting local brands also invites a community of like-minded thinkers. This can help you create a network of readers who are conscious about the decisions they make when purchasing jewellery. When your blog becomes a success, you will become an inspiration to fellow jewellery bloggers to follow in your steps.

Are There Downsides to Blogging?

The start-up process of creating your blog requires time and thought. You need to have a clear idea of your blog topic and how you are going to address your topic in a unique way. This can feel overwhelming which may stop you from expressing your passion to the world.

Once your blog is established it needs to be updated regularly. This means you need to constantly keep a source of fresh blog post ideas. This can become stressful and time-consuming. We suggest setting yourself a goal on how much content you want to post in a month that fits in with your lifestyle.

Blogs are a great way to create conversation and engage with topics on a personal level, but this does not mean that the information you include in your blog posts can be misleading or incorrect. Keep your blog factual by doing relevant research on your topic.

Remember that your blog is about expressing yourself through your opinions and information on your topic so keep the process light, enjoyable, and easy to maintain.

Four Steps to Create Your Jewellery Blog

If you are interested in starting a blog that will be easy to maintain and interesting for your readers, you need to set up a great blog foundation. Starting a blog can feel intimidating or overwhelming for beginner bloggers. Follow our easy steps and start sharing your love for jewellery with the world.

1) Create a Blog Name:

A great blog name is the key to making sure readers click on your blog over other similar blogs. Choose a name that is funky, punchy, and is in line with the overall jewellery theme of your blog.

Here are a few blog name suggestions to help you stand out from the crowd if you are stuck on what to call your blog.

1. Rework a Well-known Phrase: Create a witty blog name by choosing a well-known phrase and blending it with your jewellery theme.

2. Puns: Put a smile on your reader’s faces before they have even started reading your great blog content. A great pun will also aid your readers with remembering your blog name and keep them coming back to read on.

3. Niche Words: The jewellery industry is a plethora of interesting and unique terms. Find a term that will create an exciting blog name and help direct your readers from the get-go to what your blog is all about.

2) Choose a Blog Platform:

The massive handbrake to starting a blog is often the perception that if you do not have great computer skills or know how to create an entire website from scratch, then you cannot start a blog. Luckily, there are many websites that offer you the chance to create your blog platform without doing a crash course on coding! Many of these popular blog platforms are user-friendly and free of charge, making creating your blog easy.

Choose a blog platform that you find the easiest to use, has an extensive range of readers affiliated to the website and has minimal advertisements. You want the experience of creating your blog and the reader’s experience of viewing your blog to be effortless.

3) Customise Your Blog:

Memi jewellery is a personalised expression of who you are, and so is your blog. Customise your blog so that it reflects your style, interests, and showcases your unique voice. Staying true to yourself is the best way to create a blog that will have a personalised tone and attract like-minded readers.

The easiest way to keep your blog feeling cohesive and personalised is to choose an overall theme for your blog. Choose a range of font styles, colour palates, and image patterns to which will allow the jewellery you showcase to shine. This will help your blog be aesthetically appealing as well as informative.

While many blog platforms offer free stock images, we suggest uploading your own images alongside your written blog posts. This will make your readers feel like the information you are offering is customised and personal. Get creative and start snapping some great shots to best showcase you and your necklace, bracelet, or earrings!

4) Write and Upload Your Blog Posts:

The reason blogs have become increasingly popular is because of the style in which blog posts are generally written. People enjoy reading blogs because they are written in an informal, conversational, and informative style. This allows people to feel a personal connection to the blog writer and can generate loyal readers.

We have chosen some beautiful Memi jewellery and paired it with a blog post idea to help inspire you so that you can get started on your blog!

1. How to Mix and Match Metals: Share with your readers fun and new ways to pair different metals together. Memi jewellery comes in rhodium plated sterling silver and yellow, white, and rose solid gold. Bracelets are an easy item to explore different metal combinations. Pair the Memi Bar bracelet in yellow gold with the Memi Heart Initial bracelet in rose gold as the perfect example of how to create stunning mixed metal combinations.

2. Showcase Your Birth Month with a Birthstone Necklace: The beautiful colours of the gemstones allow for creative backgrounds to your images for your blog posts which will keep your blog a standout from the rest. If you need a quick guide on which gemstone is associated with which month, check on the Memi gemstone chart. We are loving the Memi Quattro Drop Bar necklace accented with the April birthstone diamond as an inspirational piece for your blog writing.

3. The Best Jewellery for a Job Interview: Job interview blog posts are a quick way to get people to view your blog. Everyone goes through a job interview (or a few) during their lifetime so why not help them choose the best jewellery for their interview. We suggest pairing jewellery pieces with specific job interview outfits, like pairing the Memi Birthstone earrings with a sleek black suit for a pop of colour to formal attire.

All you need to do is to write about what interests you, what will be informative for your readers, and ultimately allow your passion to shine brightly on the screen.

Blogging Bonuses:

On top of getting to share your voice, opinions, and passion about jewellery, there are other bonuses to starting your blog.

1. Creative Outlet: Life often gets busy and stressful, and we find ourselves side-lining our passions or interests. Keep your blog updated to ensure that each week you get a moment to be creative.

2. Bang for Your Buck: Blogs can be a way to generate a possible small income. This is entirely dependent on the amount of traffic your blog receives. This is an exciting prospect, but we suggest focusing on using your blog in the beginning as a creative outlet. Once you have gotten the knack for blogging then you can start looking into how to monetise your blog. This could be a way to help you save up for your next Memi necklace or bracelet!

3. Skill Building: If you are a beginner blogger the steps to creating a blog can seem foreign and daunting. Over time you will get the hang of blogging and go from blogging newbie to expert. This process allows you to build skills and practice your writing.

4. Find Your Tribe: Blogs allow for a sense of community. If you are posting about jewellery, the people who are reading your blog will be jewellery lovers too. You can find a group of people with shared interests and hobbies.

Share your love of Memi and other jewellery with the world through your personal jewellery blog.