Memi Jewellery: Seven Ways to Unwind After Work

by Andrew Smith

Has returning to work left you feeling burnout? Our daily work lives are stressful, and this can start affecting our lives outside of work. Taking the time after work to destress and unwind is important for our well-being. Incorporate Memi jewellery into your self-care moments and enjoy our seven ways to unwind after work.

Memi Jewellery:

Memi creates jewellery aimed to celebrate you. Each Memi jewellery piece is designed to capture an element of your personality. Whether it is your unique style, beautiful name, or birthstone, Memi jewellery is easily customised to showcase your individuality.

The Memi team is dedicated to creating jewellery that showcases your personality through high-quality, durable, and elegant jewellery pieces. You can expect the best jewellery from Memi and to feel your best when you wear your personalised Memi jewellery.

Back to Work:

Many industries moved their business online during the hard lockdown period in South Africa. Many people went from hopping into their cars every morning to rolling out of bed and to their laptops to begin their workday. Remote working became an unexpected normal in many people’s lives.

Now that restrictions have lifted, many people are required to head back to their office spaces. For those who found working from home difficult or distracting, this is a much-welcomed moment.

For those who enjoyed the freedom which working remotely offers returning to an office space can feel overwhelming. Squeezing in exercise, grocery shopping, or spending time with your loved ones in between meetings has been swapped for controlled lunch hours spent at your work desk.

Quickly our lives have slipped back into the routine of fitting our daily activities around your work hours. After experiencing what life can be like working from home, working from your business space again can highlight how stressful our work environments can be.

Stress and Burnout:

Every industry comes with its own unique stress points. Daily we are exposed to situations and have expectations placed on us which can cause stress. Often the stress from our workday can bleed into our lives outside the office.

Stress is your body’s emotional, physical, or mental reaction to situations. Moderate stress can be beneficial in certain situations. Stress can help keep you focused, feel motivated to get more done and feel a sense of accomplishment once you overcome a stressful situation.

Excessive experiences of stress can result in burnout. Burnout is the experience of mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion which then starts to affect every aspect of our lives. Burnout is commonly associated to work-related stress.

Effects of Burnout:

The experience of burnout varies for every person. We have listed a few of the common effects that burnout can have on your daily life.

1. Physical Effects: Burnout can result in you experiencing constant physical fatigue. You may become frequently susceptible to falling ill due to a lowered immunity. Burnout often causes headaches or other muscular pains which further add to your overall physical fatigue. Changes in appetites or sleeping patterns are also tell-tale physical effects of burnout.
2. Emotional Effects: Burnout can leave you feeling unsatisfied with your life. Lack of motivation, no sense of accomplishment once you have completed tasks, and self-doubt are common emotional effects of burnout. These become exacerbated in your work environment which only further compounds your work-related stress.
3. Behavioural Effects: Your emotional and physical experiences of burnout then affect the way you behave. Your behaviour patterns can become out of character which can cause concern for those around you. Some common behavioural effects of burnout are procrastination, isolation, resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms, and avoiding responsibilities.

Understanding the effects of burnout is important as it helps us avoid reaching this point. Our daily work lives will always incorporate an element of stress, but we can find useful ways to combat this stress daily.

Unwind After Work:

Self-care is the best way to combat our daily stresses. We need to remove the connotations of self-indulgence and being selfish away from self-care. Self-care is important for our well-being as it allows us a chance to step back from our daily expectations and focus on ourselves. Self-care can allow us the space, time, and perspective to handle our daily stresses.

Self-care comes in many shapes and forms. Your version of self-care is as personal as your personalised Memi jewellery. Make yourself a priority and find ways to unwind after work that suit you and your lifestyle.

7 Ways to Unwind After Work:

We have compiled a list of quick, easy, and helpful ways to destress after your workday.

1) Go for a Walk:

Most workdays consist of being confined to a stuffy office and staying seated at a desk the whole day. A great way to unwind after your stressful workday is to get your blood pumping. Pop on some walking shoes and go for a gentle walk to get your body moving.

Going on a walk after work is also a great time to schedule in seeing friends. Get a group of friends together and spend some time exercising and catching up on their lives. Listening to others can give you a much-needed distraction from your own daily worries.

Find a scenic walk in a natural setting. Breath in some fresh air, place your feet on some grass and run your hands through some plants. Spending time in nature whilst doing some exercise is a wholesome activity which will leave you feeling refreshed.

Going on a walk is a great excuse to pop on your favourite Memi jewellery. With the wide range of jewellery available at Memi, it is easy to find a suitable piece of jewellery for any occasion. We know you are going to love your Memi jewellery so much that you will find any excuse to show it off!

2) Listen to an Empowering Podcast:

Listening to podcasts has become a trend and we are loving it! It is easy to find podcasts that suit a variety of interests. At the end of a long workday, one way to reduce your stress can be taking some time and listening to a podcast.

Pop your earphones in, shut the world out for a few moments, and find a podcast that will uplift your mood. There are many categories of podcasts that are informative and beneficial for combating the stress of our daily lives. Podcasts can help empower us to feel capable of facing our daily stresses.

Memi jewellery is aimed at representing you through unique designs and styles. Your Memi jewellery strives to empower your personality. When designing your Memi jewellery, keep in mind your divine individuality and channel this into the jewellery style. Every time you wear your Memi jewellery you will remember the power and beauty of your uniqueness.

3) Bubble Bath:

Nothing shouts self-care louder than taking a long, luxurious bubble bath! Light some candles, add in a bath bomb and soak your stress away. This is not just a way to get clean after a long day. Take your time and enjoy the process of a stolen moment to yourself.

The best part about Memi jewellery is that all jewellery is made with either solid gold or rhodium plated sterling silver. This means that you can get your Memi jewellery wet in the bath without any worries! Enjoy the sparkle of your Memi jewellery in the candlelight as you unwind after work in a bubble bath.

4) Make Exciting Plans:

Get your calendar out, it is time to schedule some exciting plans! Often, we find our days becoming repetitive with the constant routine of going to work and then going home. This routine makes our lives revolve around our work which then places our focus only on our daily work stresses.

By having fun and exciting plans scheduled into your diary, you have something to look forward to. This can help keep you feeling motivated to get through each workday. Phone some friends, look for upcoming events online, and plan a date night with your partner.

The bonus to planning your upcoming events is that you can also plan for your Memi jewellery! Take a moment (whilst enjoying a bubble bath perhaps) and peruse the many beautiful Memi jewellery pieces.

It is easy to find a stunning piece of Memi jewellery perfectly suited to any upcoming event. If there is a jewellery piece you are looking for specifically but is not available on the Memi website, the Memi team will happily create a customised jewellery piece for you.

5) Meditate:

Meditation does not always mean sitting (uncomfortably) with your legs crossed and going “hommm” to yourself. Meditation is the practice of being mindful, present, and aware of yourself and your body.

This is a great way to unwind after a stressful workday as it brings your focus away from everything going on in your life to a singular moment. There are many great techniques for creating a meditation practice that suits you.

6) Dance Around to Your Favourite Playlist:

When you walk through the door after your workday, kick off your shoes, pop on your favourite playlist, and dance around the room like nobody is watching (hopefully). Take time to create an “I have had enough of the world today” playlist. Incorporate songs that will boost your mood and get you singing along.

There is no better Memi jewellery suited to dancing away your stress than Memi bracelets. Put on a few Memi bracelets and add some extra jangle and jive to your dance moves! One of the great things about Memi jewellery is the patented adjustable bead. The Memi adjustable bead allows you to alter the length of your Memi jewellery. Now you can dance with your Memi bracelets on your wrists or your ankles (or both)!

7) Board Games:

One way to get your mind off your daily work stresses is to spend time with a loved one, family, or friends. Organise a board-game evening where you get to sit back, relax, and hopefully win a few rounds of your favourite game!

Our workday is often long which means our special time with our loved ones is cut short. Our daily work stress is also often compounded with the stress that we are not giving enough time or attention to the special ones in our lives. Board games are light-hearted and competitive and are sure to create some fun memories with your partner or children.

Memi jewellery is perfect for enjoying social occasions and lounging around your home! Throw on your Memi jewellery to help dazzle your way to a winning streak in your at-home board games evening.

Find ways to unwind after work that suit your lifestyle and pop on your Memi jewellery for an extra sparkle during your self-care moments.