Personalised Fine Jewellery

by Aaron Brockhurst
personalised jewellery by memi

Bespoke jewellery: where the consumer commissions the jeweller to make a piece especially for them is the ultimate form of personalisation, is often out of reach for most consumers. However, customising of products within set parameters has taken off in almost every industry, from Nike running shoes, to the bicycle we ride, from the clothing we wear. Consumers are demanding the ability to put their mark on the products they buy.

Recent studies have shown that consumers want to be actively involved in the design process and develop something that is unique and meaningful to them.

Our personalised jewellery made in Cape Town, South Africa, is designed, produced and distributed by South Africa’s leading jewellery company, OROAFRICA. The collection consists of different categories focused on necklaces and bracelets. Personalisation is about self expression and me•mi's in house design team have created a range of on-trend and timeless designs that appeals to women across all ages.

Made from solid gold or sterling silver, me•mi is very much positioned in the fine jewellery segment and is a beautiful enhancement to the category of personalised jewellery

As consumers search for meaning, demand for personalised fine jewellery is an area of tremendous growth. We look forward to seeing how our customers will make our jewellery unique to them.