November birthstone: the bold and radiant Topaz

by Jason Forbes

With the end of the year coming in hot and heavy, many of us are feeling the pressure to end strong. But let’s face it, having a full-time job, family, friends, trying to exercise and maintain a healthy sleeping pattern (and maintain the occasional Netflix binge) will definitely drive even the best of us a little crazy at times.

Lucky for you, this month’s birthstone was known for supposedly curing lunacy, so I guess we are good!

On a serious note, as far as strange gem beliefs go, the Topaz is way up there. This gemstone was used by St Hildegard of Bingen, a famous mystic in the 1200s, as a simple remedy for poor eyesight. The process included steeping it in wine for three days and then rubbing the gem over the eyes. Hmmm… maybe the theory on curing madness wasn’t as spot on as we thought.

Thankfully this clear gem has many other redeeming qualities. In its purest form it is practically flawless and has what the jewellery aficionados would call a ‘good hardness’. In nature the stones are typically pale or colourless but colours can be injected into the stone to make it varying shades of colour, of which the most popular is blue or yellow.

The most valuable Topaz gems appear in a golden orange-yellow variety, which have been dubbed the Imperial Topaz, sometimes even appearing in dark pink/red and orange/red colours. This ties into its name, which comes from the ancient Sanskrit meaning fire or heat.

Our stunning SWAROVSKI Topaz is a radiant sunflower yellow and makes a bold statement as a single gem on a simple disk as with our pebble necklace. The yellow looks fabulous against a backdrop of silver or rose gold and brings out the wearers’ smile and inner joy with its radiance.It’s a win-win for all November ladies – you can’t go wrong.

Colourful gems are all the rage with celebrities, mostly showing up in interesting engagement ring designs, but also the occasional classic teardrop earrings or large chokers. Take a leaf out of their books and dare to make a statement with your own bejewelled accessories.

Black Friday is also on its way, so maybe take a moment to choose your favourite jewels in preparation – especially if your birthstone is Topaz because you will just make the cut by the 25th to purchase your jewellery from us with a discount.

If you are wondering what to get your lovely wife for the upcoming anniversary (don’t forget), this stone is traditionally gifted in celebration of 4th and 19th wedding anniversaries – you could get one now or save up for the long haul as a promise of love that will last forever. Why not add in a charm bracelet with a few special icons that represent your life together? We guarantee a spouse of the year award, or at least a million brownie points.