April birthstone: diamond gals

by Andrew Smith

We all already know the cliché: diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But have you ever thought why that is? Of...

Why me•mi? 5 reasons to wear us out and about!

by Andrew Smith

So, you thought that when you shopped online for that stunning SWAROVSKI studded necklace you were just buying a...

March birthstone: Aquamarine for the water baby in you

by Andrew Smith

Remember that ridiculous movie ‘Aquamarine’ from the early 2000s? It was about these two girls who find a mermaid...

2019 Jewellery trends - stay a step ahead with your accessories

by Andrew Smith

Fashion is a cruel mistress. Gone are the days that you could have your clothes tailor made and wear them for...

February’s birthstone: self-loving Amethyst

by Andrew Smith

As we begin to settle into the new year, we are faced with a variety of emotions. The relief that comes with the...

Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

by Andrew Smith

Do you remember your first Valentine’s Day? You were probably handed a scruffy card with bent corners and a...

January’s birthstone: the gorgeous garnet

by Andrew Smith

Sweet, lush and full of surprises – January ladies are never boring! And how could they be when their birthstone...

Turquoise is here to stay!

by Andrew Smith

When did ‘bling’ become a thing?

We know that people have always...

What’s your me·mi personality?

by Andrew Smith

Ever heard of Tiffany or Cartier? How about Lalique, Boucheron, Schiaparelli or Calder? If not, no worries – you...

The ultimate gift for any occasion

by Andrew Smith

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a well thought out gift. Particularly when that gift is exquisite,...