November birthstone: the bold and radiant Topaz

by Andrew Smith

With the end of the year coming in hot and heavy, many of us are feeling the pressure to end strong. But let’s...

Live and wear self care

by Andrew Smith

Obviously as a jeweller we love bedecking ladies with a touch of sparkle to...

October: The power of pink

by Andrew Smith

It is said that the Chinese Dowager Empress Tz'u Hsi loved gemstones so much that when she died, her body was...

Wear your heritage close to your heart

by Andrew Smith

What does being South African mean to you? For us, it is about more than just belonging to a rich landscape...

True blue – the month of September is all about sapphires

by Andrew Smith

Deep blue has always been associated with royalty. Here at me·mi jewellery we just can’t get enough of it –...

August birthstone: Peridot – make others green with envy

by Andrew Smith

August is a month of significant movement for both hemispheres. Some people are moving out of winter into spring,...

Personalized message jewelry

The Inside Story

by Andrew Smith

The Inside Story collection was inspired by a dear friend Michael, who sadly lost his battle with cancer at the...

personalized jewellery from South Africa

Me•mi - our story

by Andrew Smith

The name me•mi is derived from ‘me,...

personalised jewellery by memi

Personalised Fine Jewellery

by Andrew Smith


Be Lekker in your Local Memi Charms

by Andrew Smith

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused worldwide shifts in every aspect of society, and especially the economic sector....