Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!

by alexa corlett
July Birthstone Ruby

Not only is the song 'Ruby Ruby Ruby' by Kaiserchefs a total ear worm, the ruby gemstone is most arguably the prettiest gem stone out there. She takes her place on the "special gems" throne alongside her royal sisters diamond, sapphire, emerald.

Myth or not, did you know that back in the day, according to burmese folk, they believed that if warriors inserted a ruby into their flesh it could make them entirely invincible, thus protect them in war. Sounds pretty far-fetched, but what if this magical stone really did have super powers back then and what could it do now if we had one in our hands? What would YOU want in super powers?

So without taking off into the universe with all this superpower talk, it still is believed that owning a ruby can guarantee wealth, success and love. What better way than to start the second half of 2019 with a positive prosperity. We love this classic Bar Necklace in 9kt yellow gold. Engrave a mantra or your special someone's name, if not your own. It's a beautiful piece, especially when you add a SWAROVSKI ruby stone.

Another reason why you want to own a ruby gemstone: Rubies represent courage, energy and passion. They are the symbol for powerful feelings and are said to promote self-confidence. Anything red always symbolizes exaggerated emotion i.e. passion. How about this Heart Birthstone Necklace, it's understated yet shows off the vibrant colour of this precious gemstone.

All in all, we want to prosper and we want to love! You can't go wrong with owning a ruby, so get on it girl, this is your month!