​Stay on Trend with your Personalised Memi Name Necklaces

by Andrew Smith

Every magazine cover, sidewalk, and storefront mannequin are rocking the current trend of layering multiple necklaces. Memi loves to keep you on-trend in a way that still showcases your personality. Stay on trend by layering your personalised Memi name necklaces in various styles. Memi name necklaces in various styles.

Necklace Trend:

The layered necklace trend has risen again recently, and we are oh so happy about it. Simple chains, pearls, seashells, and over-sized pendants are the present stars of this layered necklace trend. Step out of the box by crafting a set of Memi name necklaces that are personalised, unique, and show-stopping.

Memi Name Necklaces:

Memi loves creating personalised jewellery which is as unique and individual as you are. The Memi name necklaces are by far the most personal and beautiful necklace style available. Memi makes personalising your name necklaces easy; just follow these quick steps below.

1. Choose your font style for your name necklaces.

2. Decide on which metal you want your name necklaces in.

3. Choose your metal chain length for your name necklaces.

4. Add an accent to your name necklaces.

1) Memi Font Styles:

Memi offers a wide range of font styles to help you find a name necklace that best captures your design style and aesthetic taste. All the styles are attention-grabbing and assertive of their beauty. With so many to choose from, we suggest choosing a style with flaunts a signature characteristic of yours.

1. Classic

2. Bold

3. Initial

4. Mini

5. Hebrew

6. Arabic

7. Signature

8. Infinity

9. Multi

10. Retro

11. Underlined

12. Your Handwriting

2) Memi Metals:

All Memi jewellery is offered in either 9k or 14k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or rhodium plated sterling silver. The metal you choose for your name necklaces can be based on personal preference, your skin tone, or trying out a new metal to add to your existing jewellery collection.

3) Memi Necklace Lengths:

All Memi name necklaces are available in the standard chain length of 45cm. At an additional cost, the chain length can be extended to 50cm or 55cm. The longer your chain, the more options you have when creating a layered necklace look.

The length of the Memi name necklace is also able to be altered with the Memi adjustable clasp. This clasp allows you to shorten or lengthen your chain as it suits you or your outfit. This allows your Memi necklaces to not only be a trendy item but a timeless item that will grow with you through life.

4) Memi Accents:

Sprues up your Memi name necklaces with any one of the stunning Memi accents. Add a little glamour with a genuine diamond accent, or a splash of colour with one of the Swarovski gemstones. You can also add some artistic flair with one of the Memi shape accents available in a disc, flower, heart, or star.

Personalise Your Memi Name Necklaces:

We love when you choose your name for your Memi name necklace. Your name is the beautiful ribbon on top of the box filled with your many characteristics, memories, and learning curves. We suggest having a Memi Classic name necklace made with your name, as its simple and sophisticated style blends well with any outfit. This makes it the perfect every-day accessory.

Once you have a Memi name necklace with your name, you can consider experimenting with other words to use in your next necklace design. Your name is not your only identifying factor, and we love to celebrate every facet that contributes to your whole personality. We have listed some alternative ideas for your name necklaces to showcase some more aspects of your personality.

Important Dates:

Birthdays, anniversaries, the day we realised our purpose or goal in life. Dates are synonymous with important moments in our lives. Use your Memi name necklaces to highlight dates that are associated with happy or life-changing moments in your life.

While certain dates hold great importance to us, to others they can be insignificant. Creating date-themed name necklaces add a mysterious, symbolic, and truly personalised touch to your necklace. To elevate this theme, we are loving the Memi Mini name necklace for its dainty and subtle style.

f you are looking to create a cohesive story for your layered name necklaces, we suggest featuring the meaning behind the date-themed name necklace with another necklace.

1. Your Birth Year: Pair the year of your birth with a Memi Classic name necklace with your name.

2. Your Friend’s Birth Year: Layer this date-themed necklace with your friend’s name in the Memi Initial name necklace style.

3. Anniversary Date: Pair your lover’s name in a Memi Signature name necklace with the date of your anniversary.


Religion is often a guide that informs the way we act, treat other people, and live our lives. This makes religion an important feature in your life. Foreground your religion with flair by choosing to have your specific religion as the word in your name necklace, such as Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, or Buddhist.

If you are wanting to choose a religious-themed name necklace that is more subtle, try out any one of these religiously associated words.

• Peace

• Hope

• Faith

• Grace

Memi also has available a series of religious-themed necklaces which can be beautifully paired with your religious name necklace. The Memi Infinity name necklace style would be a beautiful way to highlight your religious affinity which will also create a contrast with the other religious-themed Memi necklaces.


South Africa is composed of many different and distinct cultures. Your cultural heritage is embedded in the way you view the world. Your culture is a result of the people you grew up around and speaks to the spaces in which you have lived. There is no better way to showcase your personality than by paying homage to your culture.

Language and culture are intertwined. Memi can create their name necklaces in any language, meaning that you can capture the essence of your culture simply and beautifully. With over thirty-five languages in South Africa, you are sure to have a unique necklace when written in a language specific to you.

If you are looking for ideas that capture the overall South African culture, we are loving these colloquial terms.

• Lekker

• Howzit

• Fundi

Although cultures are shared, they are extremely personal. We are loving the Memi Your Handwriting name necklace for this stunning celebration of your culture. South African is the Rainbow Nation, which means that any of the culture-themed name necklaces would also be perfectly suited to any one of the colourful gemstone accents.

Friends and Family:

Our life experiences are strongly connected to our family and the friends we surround ourselves with. These important people in your life deserve to be given the spotlight with any one of the beautiful Memi name necklaces.

Having your family members included in your Memi name necklaces also demonstrates that you have family values. We are loving these simple words for family-themed name necklaces.

• Mom

• Dad

• Grandmother

• Grandfather

Diamonds are forever, and so is the bond between you and your family members. Highlight the strength of this bond by adding a genuine diamond accent to your family themed Memi name necklace. How stunning is this “mom” Memi Diamond name necklace?

Daily Reminders:

We know you are going to love your Memi name necklace so much that it is going to become a staple jewellery item worn daily. When you get dressed every morning, you get to stop and stare at your beautiful necklace in the mirror, so why not personalise your Memi name necklace to have a word which you need daily reminding?

We do not mean getting the words “water” or “greens” to remind you to drink your two litres a day or eat your vegetables every day. These daily reminders are things that are something you are working towards growing your personality or character. These are the daily reminders we are loving for your Memi name necklaces.

Smile: This is a reminder to show off that dazzling smile that shines brighter than your Memi name necklaces.

Breathe: If your days are constantly stressful and busy, this can be a great reminder to just take a moment and relax.

Today: Often we spend our time feeling overwhelmed by the past or anxious about the future. Remind yourself to focus only on the present.

The Memi Underlined name necklace would be the ideal style to express this theme. Bold, in-your-face, and emphasised, this style perfectly captures the need to be reminded about something to incorporate it into your life.

Tips to Layer Your Necklaces:

Layering your necklaces is a fun way to experiment with different combinations and styles. Once you have your varying Memi name necklaces, play around with wearing different themes together and different styles. If you are looking for on-trend inspiration, try out any of our tips for layering your Memi name necklaces.

1. Base Necklace: All great layered necklace combinations begin with a base necklace. For a layered Memi name necklace look, we suggest using your name necklace as the base and then pairing it with two of the alternative designs, such as your date of birth and your culture.

2. Texture: Texture in a layered necklace look comes from using different types of chains. Memi offers different chain widths with the different metals. The solid gold chains are 10mm wide and the sterling silver chains are 15mm wide. The variation in width is due to the difference in the strengths between solid gold and sterling silver. Memi has designed the width of the necklace chains to ensure that your name necklaces are strong and durable. Wider chains are also available at an extra cost.

3. More is More: There is no holding back when it comes to this current layered necklace trend. This fun and edgy trend will encourage you to wear three or more necklaces at a time. Pair some of your existing necklaces with a few of the Memi name necklaces to make an eclectic combination with a story behind it.

4. Alternating Lengths: The current necklace trend is to wear multiple necklaces at varying layers. The varying chain length options, plus the ability to extend or shorten your necklace with the adjustable bead, makes layering your Memi name necklaces easy. This allows you to be on-trend and keep up with any future necklace trends.

5. Multiple Metals: Combining different types of metals when layering necklaces is currently popular. When designing your Memi name necklaces, keep in mind the possibility to design in different metals. This is a fun way to experiment with a new style whilst still obtaining beautiful pieces that can still be worn separately.

Be a trendsetter when you wear your layered personalised Memi name necklaces.