​Sterling Silver Bracelets VS. Memi Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Bracelets

by Andrew Smith

Sterling silver: you can find it in your grandmother’s kitchen cabernet, on the operating table in hospitals, and in your jewellery box. This commonplace precious metal is made far from ordinary when used to create Memi rhodium plated sterling silver bracelets. Know the difference between sterling silver and rhodium plated sterling silver to see why Memi silver bracelets are your must-have silver jewellery.


Whether you are driving to your appointments, watering your pot plants, or scrolling through the bracelet options on the Memi website, your hands are always busy. We love incorporating bracelets into our daily outfits to add some extra sparkle to our everyday activities. If bracelets with lustre and a sparkly shine are what you are looking for, then silver bracelets are the way to go.

Types of Silver Used for Jewellery:

Jewellers will never use 100% pure silver in the creation of silver jewellery due to the precious metal being extremely soft and malleable. Silver is alloyed with other metals to make the jewellery more durable. Check out this quick guide to see the different types of silver used for jewellery.

Silver: Description:
Fine Silver Jewellery Jewellery made from 99.9% pure silver. Hallmark on Fine Silver jewellery is .999 or 999FS.
Sterling Silver Jewellery Jewellery made from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal. Hallmark on Sterling Silver jewellery is .925 or 925STG.
Nickel Silver Jewellery Jewellery made from copper, nickel, and zinc. Appearance is like sterling silver but contains no silver at all, which can be deceiving.
Coin Silver Jewellery Jewellery made from 90% pure silver and 10% copper.
Hallmark on Coin Silver jewellery is .900.
Silver Plated Jewellery Jewellery made from a thin coating of pure silver over a base metal.
Silver Filled Jewellery Jewellery made from a thicker coating of pure silver over a base metal.
Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Jewellery Sterling silver jewellery with a thin coating of Rhodium.

Sterling Silver Bracelets:

Silver jewellery has taken centre stage this year in the latest fashion releases from famous fashion houses, and we can see why.

Memi is loving the addition of silver bracelets to any outfit to create a white, bright, shimmer to your look! Here are some of the reasons why we are loving sterling silver for your bracelets.

1. Affordable: Silver is a widely accessible precious metal, meaning that the price of silver is cheaper than gold. This makes sterling silver bracelets more widely affordable for a greater range of budgets.

2. Durable: Sterling silver is commonly alloyed with copper, which increases the strength and durability of the jewellery when compared to fine silver jewellery. The durability of sterling silver means that your silver bracelets are less likely to be misshapen when worn.

3. Workable: Sterling silver is an easily workable metal for jewellers which allows for the creation of any beautiful and unique designs. When it comes to using sterling silver for bracelets, jewellers can express their creativity with this easy-to-use metal and create bracelets that are distinctive yet still wearable.

4. Hypoallergenic: Sterling silver is also a hypoallergenic metal, meaning that bracelets made from sterling silver will be less likely to cause allergic reactions. This is ideally suited to people with sensitive skin and allows a wider range of people to enjoy the beauty and dazzle of silver bracelets.

5. Skin Tone: It used to be argued that silver jewellery was best suited to people with a cooler skin tone, or a paler skin tone with pink, red, or blue hues to it. While it is always important to use jewellery that best suits your skin tone, we are no longer limited to choosing jewellery only based on our skin tone. Everyone can now enjoy the beauty of wearing sterling silver bracelets.

The Downside to Sterling Silver Bracelets:

Despite all the wonderful qualities of sterling silver, there are some concerns when it comes to using sterling silver for bracelets. Bracelets come into contact with surfaces more frequently than other jewellery, such as rubbing up against your clothing or bumping up against each other if you are wearing more than one bracelet. These downsides dim that brilliant sparkle of sterling silver.

1. Tarnishes: Although the addition of copper to pure silver makes sterling silver more durable, the copper tends to make the sterling silver tarnish. Over time, and being exposed to air and humidity, the copper in the sterling silver will oxidise. This will transform your silver bracelet into a dark brown or black colour.

2. Surface Scratches: Sterling silver is prone to scratches, which range from surface level to deep gouges. Scratches on your silver bracelets will visibly affect the overall aesthetic of your bracelets and decrease their value.

3. Maintenance Required: The downsides to sterling silver can be avoided with constant care and maintenance. To ensure the longevity of your bracelets, it is suggested to store them in a soft jewellery box, away from other jewellery items, to avoid surface scratches. Tarnish can be removed by rubbing the bracelets with a soft cloth and silver-specific polish. Deeper gouges in the sterling silver surface will need to be professionally buffed. When wearing your sterling silver bracelet, you will need to avoid harsh chemicals which damage the surface of sterling silver, such as bleach, ammonia, or chlorine.

Memi Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Bracelets:

Memi uses rhodium plated sterling silver for the creation of our silver bracelets and other silver jewellery. The downside to rhodium is that it is one of the most expensive metals on the market, even surpassing gold and platinum at times. The price fluctuates because rhodium is a rare metal to find and is often only found as a by-product of mining for platinum.

When comparing the higher cost of rhodium plated sterling silver to sterling silver, there is a silver lining when you see the many functional benefits of the rhodium plating.

1. Aesthetic: A rhodium plating gives sterling silver a bright, white finish which enhances the brilliance of the silver. This increases the overall aesthetic of the sterling silver, making your Memi bracelets shine a little brighter.

2. Scratch Resistant: The rhodium plating increases the sterling silver’s resistance to scratching. Memi uses rhodium plated sterling silver so that the bracelets you own are strong enough to retain their brilliance during any of your daily activities. This allows you to wear your Memi silver bracelets confidently. Being scratch-resistant also increases the longevity of the bracelets, which increases their value.

3. Tarnish Resistant: Rhodium is a non-reactive metal, which means that the rhodium plating will prevent your Memi silver bracelets from tarnishing. Great news, you do not have to spend your free time this weekend polishing your Memi silver bracelets!

4. Durable: The increased strength of the Memi rhodium plated sterling silver bracelets also make these bracelets more durable. They will last longer than that hideous tarnished silverware your grandmother keeps trying to give you every time you visit. Your Memi rhodium plated sterling silver bracelets can be with you for a lifetime of memories, and hopefully, be shared with someone down the line (who will want this type of silver when it is a Memi silver bracelet).

5. Hypoallergenic: The rhodium plating is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

6. Still Affordable: Although the rhodium plated sterling silver is more expensive than sterling silver, it is still the most affordable metal on offer at Memi. This means that you do not have to add just one jangle to your step, but as many as your heart desires (or wrist can hold).

Memi aims to create bracelets that are durable, affordable, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing, which is why rhodium plated sterling silver is the best option. The multiple benefits of the rhodium plating to the sterling silver add additional value to the jewellery piece, making your Memi bracelets more special than before.

Ways to Wear Memi Silver Bracelets:

Now that you are confident in the quality and brilliance of your Memi rhodium plated sterling silver bracelets, it is time to peruse the many bracelet options available at Memi. Memi is an advocate for choosing jewellery that captures your personality, celebrates your style, and showcases how you are one-of-a-kind. Once you have found a bracelet you love, consider these interesting ways to wear your Memi silver bracelets.

Pair with your Watch:

Watches are more than just an accessory. We take the time to choose between many brands and styles to find that perfect watch that will become a part of our daily attire. Choose a Memi silver bracelet that will help showcase your watch. We are loving the Memi Bar bracelet for its delicate chain and slender pendant, perfectly suited to any watch face size or shape.

Use as an Anklet:

A multipurpose bracelet? Yes, please! We know you are going to love your Memi silver bracelets so much that you will want as many ways to wear them as possible. It is easy to convert your bracelets into an anklet with the Memi adjustable bead. Simply change the length of your Memi bracelet by moving the silicone stopper.

When it comes to wearing an anklet, you want something which will move and flow with every step. Choose the Memi silver Charm Carrier and adorn it with a few charms, such as Memi Feather charm, Ballerina charm, and the Evil Eye charm, to enjoy the gentle sound as they bounce off each other with every step you take.

Funky Combinations:

Add a new life to your existing bracelets by choosing a simple Memi bracelet that will pair well with any bracelet. The Memi bracelets work perfectly with any beaded, leather, or string bracelets you may own. If you are looking to create a funky combination, pair the simple and sophisticated Memi silver Gemstone Heart bracelet with bold coloured beaded bracelets.

Silver and Gold:

Gone are the days when you were restricted to wearing only one type of metal at a time. While we are loving the Memi silver bracelets, it is hard to ignore the gorgeous golden glow of the 9k white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold bracelets. Embrace the extraordinary by wearing multiple Memi bracelets in both silver and gold, such as the combination of a silver Memi Mini Shape bracelet with a rose gold Memi Heart Initial bracelet.

Matching Sets:

Memi has many beautiful silver bracelets with matching necklaces and earrings to create the perfect set. Create a cohesive and elegant look to any outfit by wearing your silver Memi Mini Shape Dangle bracelet with the matching silver Memi Mini Shape Dangle necklace, or the silver Memi Hamsa charm with a matching silver Memi Hamsa necklace.

Enjoy your beautiful Memi rhodium plated sterling silver bracelets even more now that you can be confident in their strength, durability, aesthetic, and low maintenance.