The Kolisi's Gifted by memi

by Gary Nathan
Siya and Rachel Kolisi wear memi

COVID-19 has really changed the world in all ways imaginable. Giving back to our local communities has become the new normal.

We reached out to Rachel Kolisi and Siya Kolisi for Youth Day this year and gifted them each an engraved 9kt yellow gold necklace from our new Stronger Together series. See below what they unboxed!

We are inspired by how actively Rachel and Siya have been involved in giving back to communities by doing blanket drives, soup kitchens, motivational talks.

We chose the engraving 'Fearless' for Rachel for significant reasons, she uses this in her woman’s T-shirt collection encouraging woman empowerment, she does motivational talks all over the country and stands by Siya’s side through everything, keeps the family together. All in all an independent and successful power house.

For Siya, we thought 'Stronger Together' says it all, not only because of his sporting history and the recent word cup win, but also the Kolisi Foundation that they’ve built together, his continuous humble generosity and support to local communities and on Youth Day (which was also his birthday!) this couldn’t be more fitting to celebrate.

Community spirit has pulled us together unlike before and continues to pull us throughout these hard tines. The new series is brought to you inspired by current movements worldwide and serves as a gentle reminder that we're all in this together. Let's promote justice, kindness, peace, equality, revolution. Let’s think of the bigger picture and be stronger together.

Click here to view the Stronger Together Pebble necklace Rachel wears.

Click here to view the Stronger Together Tag necklace Siya wears.

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