​Tips for choosing the right bracelets for you

by Umaymah Rakiep

Wearing bracelets is one of life’s simple delights. The fact that they come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and designs means that taking the time to think about which bracelets are worth a buy is quite a process. Memi Jewellery offers a wide and diverse array of bracelets and it is easy to become overwhelmed with choice. In just a few minutes of reading, pick up a few tips that could assist you in choosing the right bracelets for you.

How to choose the right style for your bracelets

There is no objectively “right” or “wrong” style of bracelets out there or way to wear your own bracelets. Jewellery-wearing is a truly subjective experience. While it is true that certain styles may look better, or worse, on you, there is always room for choice and playing with styles. When you look at a piece of jewellery and can clearly imagine yourself wearing it on multiple occasions, you may be on your way to making a well-thought out purchase.

When it comes to bracelets, you may experience a “love-at-first-sight” sentiment that can push you to clicking that “buy” button at an alarmingly fast speed if you are shopping online. No one wants to put on a damper on that feeling, but this is a sure-fire way to attract buyer’s remorse when your bracelet arrives and does not fit you (or can only be worn once or twice).

Start with choosing the right size for your bracelets

This may seem obvious, but staring at your wrist and doing guesswork as to what size you are is a sure way to be disappointed when your order arrives. Make use of size guides and website resources for a frame of reference, and then whip out your measuring tape. Remember that a bracelet cannot measure the exact size of your wrist, as you may have a tough time pulling off the look (and the bracelet off of your wrist). Restricted movement of your wrist is never advised and it will likely ruin the look

Keep in mind however, that if you have small and delicate wrists, rather opt for something less loose, so as to not look as if you’re drowning in your bracelets. Your accessories can also snag on things and break under the worst circumstances if they hang too loose and far from your wrist.

Always opt for quality bracelets

While splurging on a beautiful bracelet may leave you feeling guilty in the moment, keep in mind that you are investing in the long term and not the short. Popping into a mall jewellery stall offers cheaper prices and understandably, lesser quality. These bracelets usually last up to a few months before they begin to brown or suddenly break. There are few things more disappointing.

When you shop for bracelets from online stores like Memi, you can expect the best quality pieces that if looked after properly, will serve as the cherry on top of your favourite outfits and looks for years to come. Memi uses a variety of metals and materials to create bracelets of the highest quality, so unexpected breakages are a thing of the past.

Keep different occasions in mind when buying bracelets

The bracelets we wear on an everyday basis are not always suited to extracurricular activities or outings. In an ideal world, we could buy new bracelets for every occasion. Unfortunately this is not always the reality. However, if one takes the time to think out potential scenarios, purchasing a few beautiful Memi bracelets will ensure you are looking your most glamorous no matter what you get up to.

9 TO 5

Work. It is something most of us do not enjoy but must do all the same. But just because your work day feels like a drag, it does not mean that you should look the same. Whether you have a traditional office gig or are chasing fame and glory, you should always try to look your best and feel the part – especially when it comes to your jewellery. One important part about rocking your accessories at work is maintaining a subtle look of elegance and confidence by ensuring that what you wear, clothing or jewellery-wise, liaises well.

When it comes to pairing our work clothes and jewellery, it is always advisable to go the “fashionable and classic” route. Whether that be a smart skirt, dress or pants paired with a fashionable top or jacket is up to you. If this professional look is your go-to for work, consider choosing a 9 to 5 bracelet with a single bangle or thinner chain with a lowkey or slightly shimmery gemstone or charm. This is not the only option, however.

Pairing two thin chained bracelets on one wrist also has the potential to promote an air of professionality and elegance, and the thin style should prevent the pieces getting in the way of your work day activities.

Weekend wonder

As the day dawns on a Saturday morning, and you roll over in bed after enjoying a good sleep-in, you begin to think about your plans. Naturally, what outfit you will be wearing will certainly pop into mind. Daytime activities on the weekend provide an exciting window of opportunity in terms of rocking cool outfits, as well as accessories. But what bracelets would accompany your weekend looks best?

It boils down to the nature of the activity in which you will be taking part, and your choice of jewellery and namely bracelets in this regard will bring flair and fun to your outfit. The following are some bracelet style suggestions for different weekend day activities:

Playing sports:

Whether it be playing tennis with your friends, going for a run or even frisbee on the beach – you do not need to neglect wearing bracelets for fear of wear and tear. Higher quality bracelets are not effected by moisture like sweat that may incur as a result of exercise, and therefore you need not worry about wetting your Memi bracelets as you go about your sporty activities.

Shopping trips:

Hopping into the car with your best friends or family with a fun day of shopping on the cards also calls for some accessorizing. If you’re going for a more casual look such as jeans and a T-shirt, consider stacking your favourite bracelets together, as this can turn a relaxed look into something more noteworthy. If you do not have bracelets enough to stack – this is the universe’s way of encouraging you to buy more “stackable” bracelets of a good quality.

If you manage to gather together some bracelets to stack, ensure that you opt to stack bracelets of the same metal type and similar colours together. Sizes and shapes can vary but for the sake of continuity do not mix up those colours.

Brunch date:

Brunch dates are a fun way to hang out with the people closest to you – and a great opportunity to throw on your favourite dress or pantsuit and accessorize with your new bracelets. There are a few bracelet-related options for this occasion. Think about either pairing some similar-toned pieces such as rings and necklaces together with a classic and Memi bar bracelet for an overall elegant look. Another option would be to wear a statement bracelet such as the Memi monogram bracelet and use that as your only piece of jewellery for the date.


Whether embarking on a romantic date with your partner, or meeting up with a new Tinder flame – you will want to look as memorable as you possibly can. Pairing a gorgeous bracelet and other accessories with a show-stopping outfit is a sure way to accomplish this. When you are shopping for bracelets with the intention of finding date-worthy jewellery, look out for sparkling or eye-catching pieces that will cast light off of them when you move around and take part in a conversation.

This is likely to keep your date’s eyes on you at all times. If you choose a glamourous bracelet, make sure to keep the rest of your accessories low-key so as to not overwhelm the eye. The most important aspect to keep in view during your date is your face and smile, so any earrings or necklaces that could distract too much from that are a no-no, especially on a first date when you are getting to know someone.

Build your own bracelet

While some of us enjoy picking out an already-made style of bracelet, others enjoy stretching out their creative potential and creating a bracelet through applying their own vision. Memi carriers provide wearers with a chain on which they can hang their most treasured chosen charms. There are no rules, just complete artistic expression and a space for you to exhibit what you love looking at best. There are a of variety of charms from which to choose to thread over your Memi carrier, and here is a brief rundown of what kind of charms are available:

Name charms: Memi offers personalised name charms that will breathe life and individuality to your carrier bracelets, or others who you may be buying for. There are few more personal and thoughtful gestures than name charms, making them the perfect gift charms should the need ever arise.

Initial charms: Like name charms, initial charms bring in a unique trait to your carrier bracelets. However, the fact that usually only one letter is required for an initial charm means that the initial is usually positioned on a charm of an interesting shape or design, making it a fun addition to any carrier chain.

Number charms: Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or personal memories, number charms are a unique addition to any bracelet. They come in a variety of different metals and fonts for your appraisal.

Animal charms: Perhaps one of the most sought after category of charms, animal charms offer wearers a cute and quirky view whenever they glance down at their bracelets. Memi stocks a wide variety of animal charms in different metals and designs.

Hobby charms: Whether it be horse riding, surfing, rugby, traveling or singing – Memi hobby charms have you covered. Styling your carrier chain with hobby charms is a great way to showcase who you are and what you love, and also serves as a great conversation starter.

Support cause charms: Memi stocks several charms that support causes such as cancer awareness and “Stronger together” charms to name just two. Buying support cause charms and wearing them accordingly is a great way to shine light on serious issues.

Destination charms: Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys, as is thinking back on our travels. For this reason, Memi offers a plethora of “destination” charms such as Sydney and New York motifs to decorate your bracelet and serve as a reminder of your enthralling travels.