​Top 2021 South African Events to Attend in Your Memi Personalised Jewellery

by Andrew Smith

Bring out your calendars, it is time to schedule some exciting South African events for 2021! The wide variety of South African events means that there is something for everyone to enjoy all year round. Peruse the artistic expressions of South African and international artists, taste-test at the glorious food festivals, and support the local musical talent at the music events. Attend any upcoming South African event in style with your Memi jewellery.

Attending Events During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

2020 saw nationwide lockdowns which resulted in the cancelation of many events. This placed a damper on the vibrant lifestyle which comes with living in South Africa. 2021 has turned a corner, and events are getting their momentum back. All events are regulated by strict COVID-19 rules, to ensure your safety when enjoying the South African festivities.


As a South African brand, Memi loves showing support for all things local and unique to South Africa. We know you love attending South African events, so we want you to arrive in style with the best Memi personalised jewellery. Supporting local talent in jewellery made by equally talented local jewellery designers? Sounds like a winning combination to us.

Events are normally something we plan for and look forward to. Why not build the anticipation by creating Memi personalised jewellery specifically to suit the event you are attending? Whether it is bold combinations of necklaces for art events or stunning earrings to glimmer at food festivals, personalised jewellery is easily created by Memi.

Memi Personalised Jewellery:

Many events come with the opportunity to step out of your everyday casual wear. It is time for that dress or jacket which has been locked up at the back of your cupboard to come out into the light and help let you dazzle everyone in sight. Pair your event outfit with jewellery and you are sure to stand out from the crowds.

Memi is all about showcasing your personality through incredible personalised jewellery. Memi goes one step further by allowing you to create entirely custom jewellery. Memi personalised jewellery, made to your specific individuality and style, is a must-have when attending local and uniquely South African events.

Top South African Events:

We have selected a few of the unique and amazing events which are in store for all South Africans this 2021. Attending the event is not the only exciting part. Finding the perfect outfit and pairing it with the ideal jewellery is what we look forward to most. Check out these amazing upcoming events and the jewellery we know will make you steal the show.

Art Events:

These art events are your chance to learn more about the South African art scene in fun and inviting environments. Showing off your creative flair is recommended when choosing Memi personalised jewellery for an art event. We are loving Memi necklaces as our personalised jewellery of choice for an art event. The wide variety of Memi necklaces to choose from makes it easy to find a way to express your inner artist when attending any of these art events.

1. Grahamstown National Arts Festival: Every year the usually quiet Grahamstown becomes a buzzing hotspot for a diverse range of artistic talent. Visitors to the Grahamstown National Arts Festival get to enjoy every type of artistic expression conceivable, from fine art to folk music to poetry readings. With over 500 shows showcasing traditional and international artistic talent, this event is a great way to spend a week in June 2021 (to be confirmed). The Memi Designer Circle necklace has just the right amount of flair to demonstrate sophisticated creativeness.

2. Hilton Arts Festival: Your September plans just got more exciting with the event of the Hilton Arts Festival. Held at Hilton College, the Hilton Arts Festival is KwaZulu-Natal’s leading art festival. The Hilton Arts Festival includes the Jongosi program which allows for the specific showcasing of art done by learners Grade 7 to Grade 12. This is a great way to explore the upcoming artistic talent in South Africa. This event will continue as planned unless there is a change in current Government regulations. The beautiful Memi Africa necklace, made into personalised jewellery by choosing your desired metal colour, perfectly suits showing support for upcoming artistic talent in South Africa.

3. Cape Town International Film Market and Festival: Film fanatics, this event is for you. The Cape Town International Film Market and Festival hosts a variety of local and international documentaries, features, and short film productions. Each film is screened at the V&A Waterfront, making the setting an ideal way to spend your time viewing the latest film accomplishments. This event is to be confirmed. The Memi Graphic Pebble Pendant necklace allows you to personalise the pebble pendant with any graphic of your choice! Choose a film-inspired graphic and create the perfect necklace for this film festival.

Food Events:

Go on a culinary adventure at these exciting food events happing this year. All events are still to be confirmed, but we thought we would get your tastebuds tingling for what is possibly in store. Memi Earrings make a great jewellery item for food events as you do not have to worry about getting your jewellery dirty as you tuck into your delicious food!

1. Knysna Oyster Festival: The Knysna Oyster Festival hosts sporting events, musical talent, and of course, oysters! Enjoy cycling or running through the breathtaking Knysna area and reward yourself with delicious food and live performances. We know you are going to fall in love with Knysna during the Knysna Oyster Festival. We suggest showcasing it with the Memi Personalised Heart earrings engraved with a word which captures your love for Knysna.

2. FNB Free State Wine Show: Get dressed up, pretend you are a wine connoisseur, and enjoy an evening of wine tasting at the FNB Free State Wine Show. This one-night-only event is a great excuse to schedule a date night with your partner. If you are a wine lover, you will not be disappointed with over 200 wines being showcased to be tasted and purchased. For this event, the jewellery of choice is the Memi Birthstone earrings. The gemstone will add an extra touch of elegance to any formal eveningwear.

3. South African Cheese Festival: If you are a cheese lover, then you do not want to miss out on the South African Cheese Festival. Situated in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, this outdoor festival includes enjoying a variety of cheeses with their perfect accompaniments, music, and mountains as a backdrop. The Memi Personalised Disk earrings allow you to engrave your choice of words on the disk. If there is ever a time to be cheesy, it is at a food festival. Choose food-inspired words for your jewellery and be the most deliciously dressed.

Music Events:

Music events are always a great heap of fun. Whether you are lounging on grassy banks with a drink in your hand and listening to local talent or dancing the night away to a great DJ, music events are a top favourite to attend.

The perfect personalised jewellery accompaniment to a music event outfit will always be the bracelet. Bracelet’s jingle and jangle with every dance move you do to your favourite band. Enjoy these music events more with your Memi personalised bracelets.

1. Afrikaburn: If you are looking to attend an event that needs your participation to make the event a success, then Afrikaburn is for you. Afrikaburn bases its ethos on creating an inclusive community with radical self-expression. The musical performances allow you to dance barefoot on South African soil. This is why we love the idea of personalising your Memi bracelets to become an anklet for the Afrikaburn event. When an event is solely focused on showcasing the beauty of Africa, we are immediately drawn to the Memi Charm Carrier and the Memi Love of Africa charm.

2. Afropunk Johannesburg: More than just a music festival, Afropunk Johannesburg is a space to engage with redefining culture through creative expression. The DIY ethic embedded in this music festival makes the fashion and self-expression at this festival mesmerising to behold. With a long list of local artists, the music will be funky, fresh, and relevant to South Africa. Attending this music festival allows you to be bold in your Memi bracelet choices. We love the pairing of varying metals together, like the Memi Pebble Initial bracelet in yellow gold with the Memi Infinity bracelet in sterling silver.

3. Rocking The Daisies: Cape Town and Johannesburg are in for a treat this 2021 with Rocking The Daisies music event. Music magic is made at Rocking The Daisies with its diverse line-up of international stars and local musicians rising in the industry. As far as music festivals go, this is top of the list to attend for 2021. The Memi Flower Satin Cord bracelet, personalised to your style by choosing the colour of your cord, is a must personalised jewellery for Rocking The Daisies.

Budget-Friendly Personalised Jewellery:

With so many exciting events planned for this year, your budget is going to be taking a hit. Buying the event ticket is only the first expense. You will need transportation to the event, possibly find accommodation, and then have spending money to enjoy all the delicious food and purchase local crafts.

Memi wants you to have personalised jewellery which is ideally suited to the event you are attending without making you order a glass of water and sneaking in snacks. We have listed our ways to create Memi personalised jewellery that is friendlier to a tight budget.

Metal: Memi allows you to personalise your jewellery by choosing your desired metal. The metals available are yellow, white, and rose solid gold and rhodium plated sterling silver. For the cheaper alternative, choose your jewellery in rhodium plated sterling silver.

Chain Length: All necklace chain lengths come at a standard length of 45cm, but at an additional cost you can choose a 50cm or a 55cm chain length. To stay on budget but still achieve the option to change your chain length, keep the chain at the standard length and alter the length of your chain with the Memi patented adjustable bead.

Accents: Most Memi jewellery can be personalised with beautiful gemstone accents and diamond accents. If you are looking to add a little extra sparkle to your Memi personalised jewellery at a lower cost, we suggest adding the gemstone accents.

Engraving: All Memi personalised jewellery can be engraved at no extra cost to you! This is one of the ways we ensure that all budgets can enjoy a personalised touch to their jewellery.

2021 has come in firing with the amazing events lined up, and we know you are going to arrive in style in your Memi personalised jewellery.