​Travel in Cape Town with your Memi Necklace

by Andrew Smith

Memi provides you with the opportunity to wear something that means the world to you in the form of a necklace. With Memi, you can design a necklace that is perfectly made just for you! With the extreme variety of options available at Memi, you can travel in style and comfort with your personalised jewellery that is ultimately you. Whether you are looking to step out of your comfort zone, or you are looking for something subtly stunning, Memi has just the necklace for you.

Flaunt Memi necklace while traveling Cape Town in style. Here are a few suggestions of activities to add to your itinerary for your next trip around the Western Cape along with suggestions on how you can personalise your necklace to turn every memory into a reality. Cape Town is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Not only is it the home to Table Mountain, but it is also the home to many other beauties, delicious foods, diverse cultures, intricate cuisines, adventures, wines, and so much more.

Exploring in the heart of Cape Town?

Labia theatre – The Labia theatre, originally used as a stage for the performing arts, has been operating as a vintage cinema for the past four decades and is targeted those who appreciate quality indie films and the magic of an old-world fantasy. It is speculated that the theatre also used to be used as a ballroom for the Italian Embassy, so one can just imagine the history that lies within the walls of the theatre. This will make the experience of watching a movie at the Labia that much more spectacular. Represent your visit to the Labia theatre by adding a vintage film reel charm to your Memi necklace.

Charlie’s Bakery – Charlie’s Bakery is a South African bakery that has been in business since 1989. They specialize in “mucking afazing” cakes and cupcakes and other baked confectionaries. They have a huge local and international following which was spiked even further when the public was given a glimpse of how the bakery worked on the inside when Charlie’s Bakery had their very own TV show. It is always a treat (no pun intended) to visit this iconic, colourful bakery and take a bite of the very creative goods when you are visiting Cape Town. If this experience was special to you and you would like to remember it forever, add a cupcake charm of a pink Swarovski crystal to your Memi necklace.

Kloof Street – Kloof Street is one of the most busy and bustling streets in Cape Town because it is home to many of the well-known restaurants that are well loved by the locals. Kloof Street has something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds and budgets and is a great place to meet with friends and have a night full of good music, good food, and fantastic company. A night out on Kloof Street is also the perfect excuse to wear your dazzling Memi necklace. With your Memi necklace around your neck, you are guaranteed to have an extra sparkle in your eye on Kloof Street (and no, that sparkle was not caused by all the wine!).

The Old Biscuit Mill – Every Saturday morning, food lovers, artists, designers, vintage enthusiasts, and people that are just in the mood for a good vibe come together at the Old Biscuit Mill. The Neighbour Goods market offers lots of different delicious delicacies, fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade pastries, jams and other confectionaries, crafts and vast variety of clothes, shoes and other one-of-a-kind wonders that you will not find anywhere but in Cape Town. It is a must-visit place and is highly recommended if you want to have a taste of the hipster scene in Cape Town.

In the mood for a bit of nature?

Table Mountain – Have you really visited Cape Town if you haven’t been on top of the magnificent Table Mountain? Take the cable cart up to the top of the mountain and witness the most beautiful views that you will see. Standing on top of the mountain, you will be able to see a 360° view of the entirety of Cape Town. You will truly feel like you are standing on top of the world. On Table Mountain, you will also see many little Rock dassies (Hyrax). Add a “Cape Town” pendant onto your necklace to honour this experience.

Lion’s Head – A hike up Lion’s Head mountain is a must-do when visiting Cape Town. Along with getting the valuable exercise in, the views that you are going to witness are unbelievable. Cape Town is breath-taking when seen from above. Make sure to hike on a clear day, when there are no clouds to obstruct your views. From the top of Lion’s Head, you will be able to see the Greenpoint Stadium, Robin Island, the 12 Apostles, the Indian and Atlantic oceans, the entirety of Cape Town city, Table Mountain of course, and so much more.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens – If you love to be surrounded by nature, listen to the birds, marvel at the magical mountains of the Cape and enjoy frolicking in the most beautiful gardens, the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens are just for you! At these gardens, you will find some of the native fauna and flora of South Africa. Indigenous South African plants and their beauty have been preserved for all to wonder at.

If you are not in the mood to walk around the endless gardens though, sit next to the flowing rivers or pack a picnic blanket and basket and lie under the trees. There are also live concerts that take place at the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens. From local artists to international superstars, you will be able to find them all! You will definitely want to carry the beauty of the gardens with you by embellishing your Memi necklace with a flower, leaf, or butterfly.

Want to explore the famous Sea Point and Greenpoint areas?

Sea Point Promenade – The Sea Point promenade is a bustling walk of joggers, bike riders and daily dog walkers that come to do their exercise while looking out on the beautiful views of the ocean. Wear your Memi necklace as you stroll down the promenade with a soft serve ice-cream kissing your lips. There are also many adventure companies that offer activities such as paragliding and kayaking in the Sea Point area so be sure to get your adrenaline on and step out of your comfort zone when exploring Sea Point.

VnA Waterfront – The VnA Waterfront is home to many of the attractions in Cape Town, such as the Cape Wheel, the Two Oceans Aquarium, the Zeitz MOCAA art museum, the Oranjezicht Farmer’s Market, cruise yachts and so many more treasures. The Two Oceans Aquarium allows you to immerse yourself in the depths of the ocean with creatures from both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. You can explore the sea creatures and touch and experience them first-hand with the touch pool and microscope area.

To preserve the memories that you make while visiting the aquarium, add a pendant to your necklace that resonates with the sea such as a starfish, a turtle or some waves. Visit the VnA Waterfront to fulfil your shopaholic desires or to hop on a cruise to Robben Island or to Seal Island where you will be able to see the famous seals of Cape Town. At the waterfront, you will also be able to hop onto an Open Top Red Tour Bus (the Hop On/Hop Off) that will take you on a tour of Cape Town. Trust us, your mind will be blown!

Want to explore the famous Hout Bay?

Clay Café, Hout Bay – Allow your creativity to soar at Clay Café! Here, you have the option of using ceramic paints to paint whatever your heart desires on one or more piece(s) of clay crockery, ornaments, vases and kitchen utensils. Decorate, design and create something that will help you remember special moments of your travels (along with your Memi necklace) or make a collection of staples to furnish your home. A visit to Clay Café will transport you way back to your childhood - there is no better feeling than that of paint on your fingertips. Add a paintbrush charm to your necklace to commemorate this artistic experience.

Snoekies – There is no fish and chips like Cape Town’s fish and chips and Snoekies will give you the most authentic experience possible. Dating back to the early 1930’s, Snoekies has been serving freshly fried and battered fish and chips to fishermen and locals of Hout Bay for years and the taste is still the same as it was at the very beginning. Now that your Cape Town travels have come to an end, consider designing a Memi necklace (or set of necklaces) that will help you commemorate your special travels around this magical place. With Memi, there are so many ways in which you can make your necklace your own:

1. Personalize the material of your necklace – Memi necklaces and accents are available in 9k yellow gold, 9k white gold, 9k rose gold, and sterling silver. You can select the material for your necklace that best accompanies your wardrobe and that matches the tones of your skin and hair perfectly. With these different options, you can also make sure that you do not break the bank when designing the perfect necklace for yourself.

2. Personalize the accessories and accents on your necklace – Memi offers a variety of accents

such as diamonds, birthstones and engraved rings that can be added to the pendants on your necklace. All diamonds offered are authentic and the birthstones are genuine Swarovski crystals which allows for you to add the personal touch of your birth month to your necklace.

3. Personalize the style and font of your name necklace – Memi name necklaces can be made just for your personal style by allowing you to customize the style and font of your name. You can choose from various styles including a soft and elegant look, a strong and bold, a vintage look, one that represents your culture and heritage, or an extra personal touch in the form of charms to represent special memories that you hold close to your heart (such as that incredible trip that you took around Cape Town).

4. Stack necklaces with different necklace lengths – With Memi you are able to customize the length of the chain of your necklace – allowing for the layering of multiple necklaces. With the layering options, you are able to make use all of the beautiful accessories that Memi has to offer. Layer an engraved pendant with different charms and possibly even your name in the midst. If you wish to design a necklace that would perfectly suit your décolletage and wardrobe, Memi’s different necklace length options are perfect for you. If you would like to show off your collarbone, choose a shorter necklace so that the pendant lies right on your sternum.

No matter the occasion or memory or event that you would like to commemorate, Memi’s endless options will help you capture your character in the perfect necklace.