Turquoise is here to stay!

by Jason Forbes

When did ‘bling’ become a thing?

We know that people have always been into bright and shiny items, but the term only came into use around the early 2000s. Ever since then we have really been able to delve into our diva wardrobes – and we are so grateful!

Especially because there is now the option of having a perfect SWAROVSKI version of any piece you can put your mind to, which means that most of us are now able to afford a beautiful gem. Did we mention you can pretty much order a gem of practically any colour under the sun – including this month’s birthstone: turquoise, the first recorded precious stone to be used in jewellery.

The name Turquoise comes from the French, pierre turquoise , meaning ‘Turkish stone’. The stone itself actually never came from Turkey but came to Europe via trade routes that ran through Turkey from Central Asia, and Venetian merchants purchased it in Turkish bazaars.

Although natural turquoise is beautiful in its own way, it is not transparent and icy like the icy SWAROVSKI version. So, December ladies, if you are all about that bling, you are in luck: because now you’ve got your very own clear, crystal version of your birth stone.

Feeling the blue

Because of its cool hue, turquoise is traditionally associated with refreshment, calm, serenity, tranquillity and intuition. Some unexpected associations include joy, love, energy, serenity and loyalty – which are often traits linked to warmer colours. This colour is a favourite of ours because it also breaks the traditional view of blue, it is seen as a rather feminine colour.

Darker shades of turquoise, such as teal have a more sophisticated feel to them and looking at the gets the mind right into business mode. Maybe a good idea to get a gorgeous pebble charm to get yourself into the work game and remind you of your goals this January.

Make your blue gems talk

The prospect for Swarovski crystals looks even brighter now, designers have completely turned away from the dark ages (aka the 90s) to a whole new world of sparkle. Get in on the action with your own jewellery piece with a hint of blue.

The best way to style your turquoise gem? Start by making sure that any colour worn with your turquoise jewellery isn’t too loud, it is best paired with neutral tones.

Our favourite choice is a soft pairing with a nude or tan tone. If you are feeling bold, go for a rusty red. Because the gem has a vintage feel about it, it can also be worn with slightly more classic outfits as a statement on its own, i.e. white tops and denim shorts.

Whatever you choose to pair it with this pretty gem can certainly hold its own. Feel free to choose a white gold, silver or rose gold piece of jewellery to make your birthstone really pop.