Behind the Scenes

16 Feb 2017 Posted by Chantal Diedricks

Me∙mi jewellery has been inspired literally by everything around us. Starting with our families, our children, the pets we love, the things in life we fancy and enjoy, to the symbols in life that ground us. Symbols of faith, of hope, of love and of admiration. Symbols of acknowledgement of someone’s worth not only to us but to others. We have taken these attributes and built a collection that encompasses everything we hold near and dear to us.

Me∙mi Jewellery has an extremely talented in-house design team, ensuring unique, on-trend and timeless designs. Headed by Martin Amman, a Swiss-trained goldsmith with a passion for jewellery design. It is here our customers are treated to classic and innovative jewellery available in a variety of gold caratages and colours. This team of highly skilled designers and goldsmiths are equipped with the latest CAD software and 3D modelling programs.

These talented individuals have been able to transform all our emotions into beautiful pieces of jewellery. You may select from our My family range to symbolize your children or you may select the tree of life to translate much the same. Each piece of jewellery has been uniquely designed and manufactured to cater to our different elements in life, simply inspired by everything around us.

We have built what is arguably the most technologically advanced jewellery operation in the world. These state-of-the-art facilities are the result of all the dedication and hard work from every team member.

Situated on the slopes of Signal Hill in the historically rich Bo-Kaap, surrounded by such character and heritage leads to a world of creativity.

We listen to our customers closely, ensuring that the information relayed to us is continually being fed back to our design team. This means that the items we produce are constantly being improved upon, so that we deliver products that are in line with our customers’ needs and tastes, as well as world market trends.

The processes at our facilities also get reworked to attain the shortest lead times possible. Moreover, we invest in both our staff and equipment, and make sure that strict quality standards are adhered to. Our investment in these facilities, and our continuous efforts to keep them up to date, essentially means that we pass value to you. Value that you, in turn, can pass on to your children and your grandchildren. Me∙mi jewellery is personalized jewellery which carries sentimental value and this is the message we wish to carry over to our customers, treasure your loved ones.