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Yellow Gold

Reliable, patient, practical, devoted and stable. Can also be possessive and a little stubborn at times. If you are born between April 20 and May 20, this 9k Yellow Gold Taurus charm, represents one of the most reliable signs of the Zodiac, always there for the people they love.

*This charm has been designed to be attached to a memi charm necklace or charm bracelet and will not work with any other necklace or bracelet.


The memi Create your story is designed using our patented clasp and attachment mechanism, which allows you to collect and add charms to your memi charm necklace or charm bracelet. There is no need for special tools, simply slide the charm onto the necklace or bracelet and position it anywhere and it will remain in place. Collect these charms and tell your story with a beautiful personalised piece of jewellery.


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