Personalised Charm Necklaces

Creating a custom charm necklace has never been this easy. At Memi Jewellery we have bespoke starter necklaces that allows for creating a truly unique necklace with all your charms. Our Starter Necklaces come in a variety of different metals, such as rose gold, gold and sterling silver.

At Memi Jewellery we recognise each persons individuality and encourage them to express it through our jewellery pieces. We allow you to customise your own starter necklace to your preferences, such as choosing the length of your necklace, type of metal used and any special instructions you need to create a unique memorable piece.

With each year coming and going with treasured memories of the past and exciting endeavors of the future, our charm necklaces is a majestic way of keeping your most cherished and valued memories close at heart. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones as you can add a new charm to it every year!

Memi Charm Necklaces

Our starter necklaces are easy and simple to use and require no further tools to attach new charms.
View our collection of bespoke charms to customise your necklace to create a unique identifier.

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