About MeMi

But there is also something weighted and enduring about jewellery – it is an heirloom, a legacy, a transgenerational tale. Something treasured and precious and passed down from mother to daughter, father to son, sister to sister. It has the power to crystalise a moment or capture a memory, in the durable form of precious metals. It will outlive and outlast us and carry our story with it – as a keepsake, passed from palm to palm, handed over as a matter of heart and heritage.

We believe that jewellery is far more than an adornment – it is deeply personal.

There is a kind of intimacy to wearing jewellery, it rests against the skin, is perfumed by our natural oils and the signature scent we wear, it touches our most sensitive areas and is warmed by the body.

Our jewellery draws the eye and tells a story before the wearer has even spoken a word. Even the most delicate, filigreed piece of jewellery can make a powerful statement.


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