Charms Guide

A guide to charms: styling, tips and cleaning.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea, a timeless and personalised experience, and a unique exquisite accessory, or just looking to spoil yourself, then you may have looked into charms.Charms can be collected alone, but are most commonly linked onto beautiful bracelets. Whether you’re on the lookout for a friend or looking for yourself, this guide will give you all of insider information you need, including styling tips and some of our personal favourites here at Memi jewellery.

Before you embark on choosing each charm, you will need something to hold them all, which is usually a charm carrier. The charm carrier that Memi offers is a popular option because it allows you to add or remove charms at your own leisure, without having to go to a jeweller. The Memi charm carrier can also be ordered in a bracelet length or necklace length with a metal of your choice; sterling silver, 9k yellow gold, 9k rose gold, 9k white gold, satin cord.

Charm carriers can be worn on their own as a staple piece of elegantjewellery that matches any outfit, but you can also add your own charms to personalise the bracelet even further. While a charm can stand as a simple accessory or just something that you think is pretty, the best part is that you can choose ones that tell a story and that have a special meaning to you. Carrying around something that tell a story and that make you think of a special someone/something is a sweet and nostalgic experience.

Memi has hundreds of different charms for you to choose from that can all have different meanings for you, but there are different themes to choose from to make the selection process easier. Firstly, there are the engravable ones which are the quintessential personalised jewellery experience and make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift with a message or design of your choosing. The other themes where you could find your dream charm include love, spiritual, travel, birthdays, nature and animals, passion and hobbies, and family and friends.

Engravable jewellery makes for the perfect personalised present and is a sweet way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and milestones. Memi has a few different charm shape options for engraving names, including a pebble shape, heart, circle, oval, and drop bar. All of these can be added to a bracelet or a necklace.

Love charms are the next set, which are a great option if you’re looking to spoil a loved one. Memi offers an extensive variety of exquisite love charms in different metals and designs, including hearts, roses, cupid’s arrow, keys, the infinity symbol and more.

The next theme of potential charm options to spruce up your bracelet is spirituality ones. Being able to showcase your faith in a subtle manner through a charm is a unique way to change up your style. The spiritual charm options that Memi offers caters to a variety of different beliefs and styles:

Spiritual Charm Options:

-Angel wing charm

-Om Charm

-Lotus flower

-Crescent and star

-Evil eye

-Yin and Yang charm

-Hamsa charm

-Feather charm

-Faith cross charm

-Star of David

-Dream catcher

-Fish charm

-Peace charm

-Peace dove

-Skull charm

-Angel heart

-Armour of God charm

-Seed of life charm

-Life circle charm

Memi also offers an array of uniquely beautiful hobby charm options that you can wear to showcase your passions in life. Memi stocks various different hobby ones including ballet slippers, guitar, ballerina, hot air balloon, compass charm, map of Africa, airplane, snowflake, cowboy boots and various travel charms. The travel charm options offered include a Statue of Liberty charm, Route 66, Sydney Opera house, New York, Texas, Bondi Beach, great barrier reef and map charms.

Charm tips for the (charming) gentlemen

If you’re looking to gain more than a few brownie points with your wife/girlfriend, are looking to spoil her or are looking for the perfect gift to celebrate a special moment, then you may need some tips and tricks on the perfect charms for her. If you’re not yet married and are not ready for that step just yet, then a bracelet with a charm is a great way to show your commitment and love for her, without the ring.

• Birth stones: Getting a charm with your partners birth stone is a beautiful and personal gift that your partner is sure to love and she will think of you when she looks at it! Find out when her birthday is (although you should already know this) and look up which gemstone she falls under. Memi offers a drop charm with the birthstone gem and also offers zodiac charms. Here is a quick guide to birthstones:

-January: Garnet

-February: Amethyst

-March: Aquamarine

-April: Diamond

-May: Emerald

-June: Pearl

-July: Ruby

-August: Peridot

-September: Sapphire

-October: Opal

-November: Topaz

-December: Tanzanite.

• If you are looking for charms to celebrate your relationship, then look for ones that are nostalgic and that symbolise a special memory you have shared. If you can’t think of anything, think about the memories you have made as a couple, places you have visited together and cool experiences that you have had together, and try imagining an image of that. For example, if your first date was getting ice cream and that is a happy memory for the both of you, look for the ice cream charms that Memi stocks.

• If you are celebrating or spoiling your partner specifically and not your relationship, then look for charms that remind you of certain aspects about her. If she has any favourite hobbies, a favourite flower or a favourite animal, then look at those charms. If you’re not sure what her favourite flower is and you have her mother’s phone number, always ask the mom.

• Luckily for bracelet charms you don’t need to know her ring size, but you should take note of the size of her wrists and her usual jewellery. Some women prefer a simple single chain, but others may like the larger necklace version so that they can wrap it twice around their wrist or use it as a necklace to switch it up. Pay attention to the jewellery she currently wears and if she’s not usually wearing bold and bright statement pieces, then keep that in mind when looking at charms and how bold or subtle they are.

• When it comes to choosing the metal, there are a few things to keep in mind. Obviously, some metals cost more than others so set a budget beforehand and stick to it. Next, pay attention to allergies which is a common problem with cheaper jewellery where women are allergic to the copper used. Thankfully, Memi uses high quality genuine metals with different options to choose from.

• Hiding the gift: If you aren’t planning on giving the charms to her straight away and are holding off for a special occasion, then you will need to hide the gift so that she doesn’t find it. You will want to hide the gift in a safe yet discreet location, such as in a pair of socks at the back of your sock draw, in a shoebox in the top of your closet, or in a small tin at the bottom and back of your pantry. If you suspect that she may find the gift, then ask a trusted friend or family member to hang onto if for you until you’re ready.

• Presenting the gift: You’re already going to get some major brownie points for the gift itself, but why not go the extra mile to make the moment that much more memorable. When you give your partner the bracelet, consider bringing along her favourite flowers (the one’s her mom told you about), chocolates and a bottle of bubbles to level up the experience.

Styling tips for charms

• Statement or staple: When it comes to styling, you’re either an introvert or an extrovert. Some people love a classic and clean look with a minimal feel, which means few charms that are often not bold. Or, a full wrist with bold and vibrant charms that add some extra sass to any outfit. Choosing which style is up your alley, simple or sassy, will streamline the process of styling and choosing charms.

• Colour: Colour combinations is a major element in styling charms and if you have too many different colours on your bracelet, it could end up looking a bit too busy. If you go for colour, try get complimentary colour tones such as green and blue or keep the same colour throughout the bracelet. Deciding between silver, gold, and rose gold is also necessary because if you go for a silver and get gold charms, it may not match, so most people make sure their charms corollate with the charm carrier.

• Spacing: Most charms are drop charms that dangle on your bracelet. The actual charms all differ in length and width, so you need to space them accordingly to

ensure that they don’t all bunch together and become indistinguishable.

Cleaning and care for charms

All charms that Memi jewellery offers are made from high-quality authentic metals that will not leave a colour residue and are able to get wet. This is unlike the common jewellery found at retailers which is usually made of copper and will leave green marks on your skin. Some people love to wear their jewellery 24/7 and others like to take it off before you shower or sleep, but either way you should be aware of how to properly clean and care for your jewellery:

For this charms cleaning method you will need:

-A bowl

-A soft and clean cloth

-A polishing cloth

-1 cup of boiling water

-1 tablespoon of baking soda

-1 tablespoon of white salt

-1/2 a cup of white vinegar



Steps to cleaning your bracelet and charms:

1. Line the bowl with foil and add the salt and the baking powder

2. Add the vinegar to the mixture in the bowl and it will begin to fizz

3. Mix this fizzing mixture together until it the granules are dissolved and then add the boiling water

4. Gently place your bracelet and charms (with the tongs) into the bowl and leave it to soak for 1 hour

5. Empty the bowl and dry the jewellery with the soft cloth

6. Once the jewellery is dry, use the polishing cloth to buff the bracelet and charms until it shines.

Care and protectionion tips:

-It is advised that you remove the jewellery at night while you are sleeping as you may move about and increase tension on the bracelet.

-When you’re not wearing the bracelet and charms, store your jewellery in a protective pouch or box which will prevent accidentally knocking it off a table and scratching it.

-Avoid using abrasive products while you’re wearing your jewellery, and avoid bleach while cleaning or take the bracelet off.