Name Necklace

Memi’s Comprehensive Guide to Buying, Owning and Styling Your Name Necklace

The iconic name necklace has been around for decades, and is coming back into the limelight in a big way! Everybody wants one, and nobody should be without one, the name necklace is the perfect addition to any jewellery collection. Whether its buying one for yourself or a loved one, or wanting to figure out how a name necklace can be styled and taken care of, we’ve got you covered - in just a quick 7-minute read, find out why you should get your classic name necklace at Memi!

Is It Tacky? The Biggest Name Necklace Myth: Busted!

Trends in fashion and jewellery come and go, and you may have heard once or twice that name necklaces can be referred to as tacky - but this is the furthest thing from the truth! Where some trends are forgotten about after time, others stick around and remain timeless - the name necklace is a prime example! An important factor in avoiding the tacky-stereotype that can often be associated with the name necklace is by investing in a high-quality piece with a classic and timeless design.

Jewellery personalisation is one of the biggest recurring trends in global fashion, so no matter where you go, your Memi name necklace will always be stylish. Getting your own name or the name of someone you love, to wear around your neck, is a beautiful way of symbolizing your soul, spirit or identity connection with someone or with yourself! The empowering spirit attached to a name necklace is unlike that found in any other piece of jewellery - it is always unique and will always hold importance to its wearer, possible even becoming a sentimental piece in a family jewellery collection!

A Brief History of the Name Necklace in Fashion

So where did this name necklace trend - which took the jewellery industry by storm in the last few decades - come from? Well, we all remember the iconic ‘Carrie’ necklace from the hit 1990’s series Sex and the City, which is when the name necklace trend arguably overtook the mainstream jewellery world, however it can be dated back even further to the 1980’s when a lot of rappers would sport these pieces too! Name necklaces, especially those embellished with precious stones were seen as status symbols but also as symbols of pride, individuality and self-empowerment.

These iconic name necklaces were not only part of the iconic 1980’s street style, but were also used as cultural or political symbols, especially when celebrities would wear necklaces with the names of political groups/figures. However, our eternal fashion icon: Carrie Bradshaw, is what made the wider world fall in love with the trend, and its stuck around ever since! The Sex and the City character almost never went anywhere without her iconic ‘Carrie’ necklace adorning her collar, becoming gradually more popular with each season and movie release!

The In’s and Out’s of Buying and Wearing a Name Necklace

Now for the real nitty gritty details - how does one go about acquiring a name necklace? And how do you make it work for you? Well, the answer is pretty simple! It can work for anyone, it is so easy, even now nearly 20 years since the popularisation of the name necklace by the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker, to rock the name necklace and make your look truly unique with the help of a little jewellery. It is important to remember that a name necklace is no ordinary piece to be added to your collection, it more often than not ends up becoming a stand-out piece that is featured in all parts of your life, regardless of occasion!

When you think of a name necklace, you most likely think of someone wearing a necklace with the name of their significant other on it! This is quite a common style of the name necklace, as it can be symbolic of a strong and loving relationship where the partners take pride in their commitment to one another! Buying a name necklace for your significant other with your own name on it however may be tricky, you have to be confident that you know your partner’s style and preferences well enough before making the investment, but the act and gift itself often goes on to be extremely sentimental and a significant throughout the rest of the relationship.

The idea of getting your significant other a necklace with your name on it, rather than theirs, may be good or bad depending on the type of relationship you have, how long you have been dating and the person who you are shopping for’s preferences when it comes to displaying your relationship or their love for you outwardly - we definitely suggest having a discussion about it first as to some it may come across as romantic but to others it may feel possessive which could cause turbulence in an otherwise happy relationship!

With a versatile piece like the name necklace, it is important to put a lot of thought into the style you already have and how your name necklace will fit into your collection to accentuate the pieces you already have and the way you dress. Luckily, name necklaces are the perfect addition to almost any look or occasion you’re getting dressed up or dressed down for - casual or classy, the name necklace does it all! At Memi, we offer a variety of styles with our name necklaces, from customisation using your very own handwriting or the handwriting of a loved one, to simply selecting a pre-made design that you feel reflects your style already, the process is so simple!

Our name necklace collection boasts a variety of fonts to choose from or styles carefully curated by Memi professionals to make your choice and search for the perfect name necklace just that much more enjoyable. By visiting this page you can browse our different name necklace options if you’re still not entirely sure what you are after. At Memi, we also offer the name necklace style in different languages, like Arabic or Hebrew, which some customers may consider to be more discrete and personal. Other popular customizations are also styles such as the Signature Name Necklace or the Arabic and English Name Necklace!

Once you have decided on the type and style of name necklace you want, the ordering process with Memi is super simple! Simply select the type of metal you would like your customized name necklace to be made with and the length of the chain, we also offer stunning additions to your name necklace like your birthstone or other precious stones to accent the piece! Whether you are ordering a name necklace for yourself or for a loved one, this process ought to be easy and enjoyable which is our ultimate goal at Memi Jewellery - we give you the option to add a sweet gift card message (should you wish to!) with each order, the cherry on top of an already pleasant shopping or gift giving-receiving experience!

Personalizing Your Name Necklace to Match Your Style

In the iconic Sex and the City, we saw Carrie wear her name necklace with several different styles like: grungy, classy, eclectic and casual - there are no rules! Most importantly, these styles and looks were so revolutionary, they are all worth imitating and getting your very own name necklace to reproduce! If you’re looking for styling ideas or tips on how to get the most out of wearing your name necklace, you’ve come to the right place!

Depending on the style you’ve selected for your own name necklace, these versatile pieces can fit in to any occasion. For a more casual everyday look, the classic sleek name necklace (as pictured below) can be paired with a classic black, white or even graphic T-shirt to spice up any simple and otherwise “boring” look! This same style also looks great with a slightly unbuttoned blouse and jeans, creating a sleek, casually-elegant look perfect for meeting the girls for drinks a-la-Carrie!

For a more occasional - going-out-but-not-trying-too-hard - look, we suggest the style pictured below, paired with a slip dress or any more formal outfit as it will add a something small yet eye-catching to complete the look! This look has really been making a comeback for the last few seasons and will continue to rule the runway for the foreseeable future.

A stunning and sentimental addition to any personalized jewellery collection is the Signature Name Necklace - often a piece gifted to loved ones as one’s signature or handwriting can be deeply personal! This style of name necklace is best worn, much like the first one, on a daily basis as it can add something special to any outfit that feels like its missing something! This style of name necklace makes for a great addition to any birthday party outfit, graduation celebration, or family occasion!

Another stunning option to display a special relationship or friendship is with the Multi Name Necklace! This is the perfect replacement or even upgrade from the young ‘friendship-bracelet-era’ and also boasts the elegance and maturity of any of our other name necklace styles! This piece looks particularly classy and beautiful when paired with a summery dress or tops that expose the collar-bone/décolletage area!

For a more modern and trendy look, any of the stunning choices from our name necklace collection can and should be paired with other necklaces of different lengths to create some depth and movement! Layer a Memi name necklace with chockers or longer chains creates a versatile and eye-catching composition. This technique will arguably make your name necklace look even more unique as it is far less likely that someone else will layer their name necklace in the same way that you choose to! A great choice from the Memi collection for this kind of layering is our Tiny Dangles Necklace!

All in all, the process of shopping for, gifting or receiving a name necklace is exciting, sun and often sentimental! These pieces of jewellery often have a lot of emotion attached to them and can make for memorable gifts or moments in relationships and friendships going forward. Memi is your go-to online personalised jewellery brand, dedicated to giving you the best possible shopping experience with a high-quality product and outstanding service all at your finger-tips and in the comfort of your own home! With birthdays always around the corner, graduation season coming up or any other worthy occasion in the near future, now is the perfect time to get shopping with Memi and create that perfect name necklace you’ve been searching for!

Visit this page to browse our name necklace collection, in a variety of styles, metals and with various add-ons available, there’s something for everyone!