April birthstone: diamond gals


We all already know the cliché: diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But have you ever thought why that is? Of course, diamonds are shiny and look good matched with almost any outfit but there is something else other than eternal chic that they offer every girl.

In honour of all the lucky April babies, we decided to dig a litter deeper into their birthstone and find the reasons why the most popular gem in the world holds us all with its magnetism.

Sheer perfection darling

Ladies, how could you not want to be draped head to toe in something so luxurious and perfect? The way that light is seemingly caught and reflected in these gemstones draws the eye and highlights a person’s own unique traits.

A little sparkle around the neck or face can really emphasise a sparkle in the eye. People are also strangely drawn to geometry in nature, and the clarity of a diamond is a thing of beauty.

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Solid as a rock

As the fairer sex, women often get underestimated in their physical, mental and emotional capabilities. Ok, fine, men have a few advantages when it comes to brute strength, but women are intuitive, intelligent and have a strength that is all their own, thank you very much!

The word ‘diamond’ comes from the Greek word ‘adamas,’ meaning invincible or indestructible. They are the hardest natural substance, and the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond. Power tools for the modern female, metaphorically speaking!

Connected to the stars

Scientists have discovered a star that is essentially a ten billion trillion trillion carat diamond. The star is named ‘Lucy’ after the Beatles song ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.’ So it seems that the ancient Greeks had something to their theory that diamonds were splinters of stars that had fallen to the earth.

The philosopher Plato even wrote about diamonds as living beings which he believed had celestial spirits. Yes, the theory is a little far out, but once you glimpse these beauties, you can almost understand where he is coming from!

Treasure to keep close to your heart

Whether you are sentimental or not, receiving the gift of jewellery really touches the heart. When something precious and rare is gifted, it is almost like the giver thinks those things of the receiver.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the gift needs to be exorbitant, a tasteful charm bracelet from someone you love is always special. Jewellery is also a wonderful thing to pass from one generation to the next.

There you have it! There are many reasons to love this most precious gem – April baby or not, it’s a great reminder to keep shining.