Topaz birthstone

A Topaz Touch

by alexa corlett

It’s that time of year where we find ourselves becoming reflective and reminiscing on the good experiences and...

Memi Launches at Canal Walk

by alexa corlett

Canal Walk is now home to the very first Memi Jewellery retail store. Fuelled by an interactive design ethic, the...

October Birthstone

October Birthstone: Tourmaline

by alexa corlett

Are you a think pink kind of girl? Do you love to go out and have fun? October babies, we have the prettiest...

September babies: The Sapphire is Yours

by alexa corlett

It’s Virgo season! And with that comes September's birth stone; the Sapphire.

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Green Peridot, August's birthstone!

by alexa corlett

You've probably never heard of Peridot before, so here is a little bit about August's...

July Birthstone Ruby

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!

by alexa corlett

Not only is the song 'Ruby Ruby Ruby' by Kaiserchefs a total ear worm, the ruby gemstone is most...

Autumn Hues, Winter Mood

by alexa corlett

The warm hue of gold, the sparkly reflection of a SWAROVSKI diamond, that familiar feeling of a cold chain...

June Birthstone

June Birthstone: The Protector Gemstone, Light Amethyst

by alexa corlett

We could always use a little bit of protection....

Be your own #GirlBoss with me·mi


Sipping on a chai latté, you sit at your weekly girls’ brunch, while your friend brags about her new role at a...

Green means go: emerald gem for May ladies


Breathe in the cool of the chilly season, close your eyes and let your imagination take you far over rolling green...