Dazzling Diamond Accents for Your April Memi Jewellery

by Andrew Smith

There is nothing quite like the brilliance, sparkle, and glamour of April’s birthstone diamond. This radiant gemstone has been the muse for movies, music, and fashion across the ages. Diamonds have adorned the crowns of kings and queens, dripped from the necks of many celebrities, and are the centre star of Memi jewellery this April. We dig deeper into understanding the brilliance behind dazzling diamonds and see why they make the perfect companion to your Memi jewellery this April.


Diamonds used to be thought of as tears of the gods or fallen pieces of the stars. This beautifully captures the wonder that surrounds this natural creation. Diamonds are the only gemstone to be composed of a single element, carbon, and are estimated to have formed more than a billion years ago deep in the earth’s mantle. To own a diamond is to hold a unique piece of history in your hands.

Evaluating Diamonds:

All diamonds are evaluated by professional graders and expert jewellers to assess the quality of the diamond. Diamonds are globally rated according to the 4C’s as created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

1. Colour: Diamond colour is graded from colourless to light yellow or light brown. Colourless diamonds are the rarest in this colour gradient, making them the most valuable. The diamonds used in Memi jewellery are chosen specifically for their white colouring.

2. Clarity: Diamond clarity is graded according to the number of internal inclusions and external blemishes the diamond has. Diamonds without any inclusions or blemishes are rare, making them the most sought-after diamonds. Although clarity is important, most factors affecting clarity can only be seen under magnification.

3. Cut: This is where humans interject in the natural process and cut the diamonds into desired shapes. The way a diamond is cut impacts the value and overall visual appeal of the diamond. The shapes in which diamonds are cut for jewellery are commonly round, pear, oval, emerald, princess, heart, and marquise. Memi uses a special cut that best suits the Memi jewellery.

4. Carat Weight: Diamond weight is measured in carats. The greater the carat, the greater the cost. The diamond carats in each Memi jewellery item vary according to the specific piece of jewellery, making it easy to find jewellery with diamond accents to suit a range of budgets.

Fancy Diamonds:

Yes, these colourful diamonds are indeed called fancy diamonds. Finding these types of colourful diamonds is extremely rare, which makes their value astronomical. These coloured diamonds are ranked according to their rarity.

1. Red Diamond

2. Blue Diamonds

3. Pink Diamonds

4. Orange Diamonds

5. Green Diamonds

How to Test if Your Diamonds are Real:

Cubic zirconia and moissanite are diamond simulants. These are look-a-like gemstones to a diamond but are far less desired or valuable. Use these quick at-home tests to check if your diamond is the real deal or a wannabee.

Scratch Test: Take your diamond and run it along a glass surface. If the diamond is real, it should leave a scratch mark on the glass.

Newspaper Test: Diamonds refract light in such a way that if you had to place the diamond on top of a piece of newspaper, or any paper with a print, you should not be able to read what is on the paper through the diamond.

Water Test: Place your diamond in a glass of water, and if the diamond sinks, the diamond is real.

These three tests work best for a loose diamond, and so testing if your diamond is real when it is set into jewellery is trickier. Luckily for you, no visits to jewellers or attempting the scratch test is necessary with Memi jewellery. Memi uses only genuine diamonds in the creation of their jewellery with diamond accents.

Lab-Grown Diamonds:

Mined diamonds have a competitor hot on their heels. Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that are made in a laboratory or factory in conditions that mimic the pressure which causes diamonds to occur naturally. Lab-grown diamonds are visually, physically, and chemically identical to natural diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds have also been a point of contestation. Which type of diamond you prefer is based on your personal preferences. Check out the table below to see which type of diamond you would rather have in your jewellery.

Mined Diamond Lab-Grown Diamond
Diamond Jewellery for Love: Represents traditional or classical love. Represents modern love.
Diamond Jewellery Cost: Expensive. Commonly Less Expensive.
Diamond Jewellery Symbolism: Represents the wonders of the natural world. Represents the advancement of technology.

Conflict-Free Diamonds:

While we were swooning over Leonardo di Caprio in the movie Blood Diamond, we were alarmed by the horrors which surround conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds are diamonds that are mined in war-stricken areas and are then traded illicitly, usually to fund the war.

This means it is important to only support jewellers who sell conflict-free diamonds. The diamonds used in Memi jewellery are certified conflict-free diamonds in accordance with the international laws surrounding the sourcing of diamonds.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend:

Marilyn Monroe’s song sparked a dazzling relationship between women and diamond jewellery. Apart from their physical individuality and visual beauty, diamonds are also highly symbolic gemstones. Here is why we think diamonds are your Memi jewellery’s best friend this April.

1. Love: Diamonds are associated with everlasting love due to their common use in engagement rings. There is no greater gift that speaks of love and commitment than receiving diamond jewellery from a partner.

2. Memories: Diamond jewellery is often gifted or inherited which attaches certain special memories to the diamond jewellery. Jewellery with personal meaning and sentimental value is what Memi is all about, which is why we are loving the addition of a diamond accent to your Memi jewellery.

3. Financial Security: Diamonds are one of the most secure forms of investment, second only to gold. This makes your Memi jewellery with diamond accents not only beautiful but also an addition to your financial security.

4. Beauty after Chaos: Diamonds are brought closer to the Earth’s surface through volcanic activity. Diamond jewellery makes for the perfect gift to someone who has been through a trial period and has come out stronger and more beautiful from their personal growth.

5. Strength: Diamonds are the strongest gemstone, rating a 10 out of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Diamond jewellery as a gift is a beautiful way to tell someone that they are valued for their strength and power.

Memi Jewellery with Diamond Accents:

Diamond jewellery is the perfect way to add a touch of class, elegance, and sophistication to any outfit. Previously, diamond jewellery was only used for special occasions or evening wear. Memi jewellery with diamond accents allows you to incorporate this beautiful gemstone into every outfit at any time of the day.

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or retirement, Memi jewellery with diamond accents is your ideal companion to any event this April.

1. Memi Diamond Seed of Life Earrings: There is no better Memi jewellery item with diamond accents to celebrate an April birthday than the Memi Diamond Seed of Life earrings. The seed of life is symbolic of creation, and what better moment of creation to celebrate than the day that you entered this world.

2. Memi Diamond Name Necklace: This necklace incorporates diamond accents into the Memi name necklace in a way that adds an extra sparkle to one of the beautiful things which identify you; your name! Spoil yourself this April with a beautiful Memi diamond name necklace.

3. Memi Heart Birthstone Necklace or Bracelet: These items of Memi jewellery have been created with birthstones as the focus of the design. Whether as a bracelet or a necklace, the Memi Heart Birthstone jewellery with the April birthstone diamond at the centre is going to make anyone swoon. Diamonds are the modern gift for a tenth wedding anniversary, making the Memi Heart birthstone necklace or bracelet the perfect gift for an April anniversary.

4. Memi Diamond Key Necklace: Is April the month you move home or emigrate? Celebrate these exciting changes in your life with a Memi Diamond Key necklace to symbolise the opening of new doors.

Memi Jewellery with Pave Design: Diamond Imitation

While we may love a diamond accent to our Memi jewellery, our bank accounts may disagree. The downside to diamonds being so valuable is that they are the most expensive accent to add to any of your Memi jewellery. Memi does not want you to miss out on the beautiful sparkle of real diamonds and has come up with an alternative option.

The Memi Pavé Design jewellery is designed to imitate the look of diamonds without incorporating any stones. This provides you with an accent in your Memi jewellery which appears similar to diamonds but is affordable. The Pavé Design Memi jewellery is only available in sterling silver, perfectly suited to replicating the sparkle of a diamond.

If your budget is tight this April, then the Memi Pavé Design offers you the opportunity to still obtain a piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift to celebrate any occasion this April.

1. Memi Pavé Design Inside Story Necklace: The design of this necklace allows you to keep a message hidden beneath the beautiful Memi Pavé Design pendant. As a present for an April birthday, you can engrave a special message into this necklace which can be kept secret between you and your friend, family member, or partner. Diamond look alike for your gift, cheaper for you. We cannot think of anything better for an April birthday present.

2. Memi Pavé Design Initial Necklace: Baby-moons, a romantic and relaxing holiday for parents before the birth of their child, are becoming popular. Nothing makes a baby-moon better than a personalised gift to start things off. If you have decided on the name of your child, choose to get their initial engraved in the Memi Pavé Design Initial necklace. You get a beautiful diamond look-a-like necklace while still saving money for the beginning of a new chapter of becoming a parent.

3. Memi Pavé Design Seed of Life Necklace: Just how the Memi Diamond Seed of Life Necklace can be used to celebrate the month of your birth, this necklace works the same way just cheaper in cost! Spoil yourself with a Memi Pavé Design Seed of Life Necklace birthday present this April without blowing your monthly budget.

4. Memi Pavé Design Wheel of Life Necklace: The turning of the wheel in life is used to symbolise the movement into new phases. If a loved one of yours is retiring from the working world this year and is excited or feeling anxious about this new step, then spoil them with the Memi Pavé Design Wheel of Life necklace to show support for their new changes.

Make Memi jewellery with diamond accents your go-to for any occasion celebrated this April.