March birthstone: Aquamarine for the water baby in you


Remember that ridiculous movie ‘Aquamarine’ from the early 2000s? It was about these two girls who find a mermaid washed up in a pool (as fish people tend to get curious and wander onto land occasionally). Surprisingly, the mermaid saw a man and wanted to meet him, of course, with the added bonus of experiencing life as a knobbly kneed human teenager, and that is how she ‘landed’ in this predicament.

Ok, so the plot is seriously unoriginal, ahem, The Little Mermaid anyone? But, other than that horribly cheesy plot line, we have to admit movie was MADE for March girls! Let us show you what we mean.

Water babies

If you were born in March, or know a March lady, very likely she will be a water lover. Oceans, rivers, heck a good downpour, anything water related and you have her hooked.

Want to know what else she might love? A piece of stunning jewellery for her birthday. Our personalised wheel of life necklace is the perfect gift to make your own. If she is sentimental, a special message that you two share will never go amiss.

Self-esteem starfish

March ladies also tend to need a little encouragement every now and then. The mermaid girl has living starfish earrings that whisper encouragement into her ears all day long.

Ok, it’s a tad much, but a compliment every now and then isn’t too much to ask for, right? Catch the attention of those around you with a pure gold diamond initial necklace. It is difficult to go unnoticed with a piece of gold bedecked with diamonds dangling from your décolletage.

Blue belongs to you

If you haven’t managed to figure it out by now, March girls’ birthstone is Aquamarine. This light greenish blue gem is named after the ocean and its icy blue hue suits all skin tones beautifully, complimenting the warmer browns and emphasising any paler tones.

If your favourite colour is blue, you are in for a treat, because now you have an excuse to wear it all the time in your favourite piece of jewellery.

You always find your way home

The last thing we want to add, is that March babies are extremely loyal, and always find their way back home. People used to believe that Aquamarine gems would protect sailors, as well as to guarantee a safe voyage.

If that fails, we recommend getting a compass charm to always remind your heart of the way your feet should go. Or mermaid tail maybe? Happy birthday March babies – feel free to explore and imagine possibilities beyond the norm but always return to the place where you belong.