What’s your me·mi personality?

by Jason Forbes

Ever heard of Tiffany or Cartier? How about Lalique, Boucheron, Schiaparelli or Calder? If not, no worries – you aren’t alone! What many of us don’t realise is that these names have had some of the greatest impact on the world of jewellery as we know it.

The Metropolitan Museum for Art in New York is currently exhibiting pieces of historical jewellery from all cultures, dating as far back as the 14th Century. The exhibition is titled ‘The Body Transformed’ – because that is the purpose of jewellery, to display the human body as something to be looked at.

This is as true today as it was thousands of years ago; we wear beautiful jewellery to say things about who we are and how we want others to respond to us. So, what does the type of me·mi piece you choose say about you?

Name Collection – Boldie locks

If you choose to wear your name as a distinctive talking piece, you are likely unashamed about who you are. If you are the epitome of loud and proud, fierce and fabulous then certain pieces like the me·mi classic name necklace in glowing yellow gold are right up your alley. On the flip side, being quiet doesn’t mean you need to be any less flashy! The me·mi large script name necklace in rose gold announces the same thing, in a slightly more subtle way, but still packing all the punch.

Designer Collection – Classy and sassy

This collection is for the girl who’s all about classic cuts and the long-term investments. Pieces like the curved me·mi bar necklace drape tastefully around the collar bones of a woman of any age. A me·mi infinity bracelet in gold says you are someone who invests, takes your time and is loyal to your goals. It is a good reminder to the world, and yourself, that you are a force to be reckoned with and those goals aren’t going anywhere.

Diamond Collection – Royal and you know it

Regality doesn’t come naturally to all of us. You’re either born a princess, or you aren’t, it’s that simple. Being a blue blood doesn’t necessarily mean you are actually part of the monarchy (or besties with Duchess Meghan Markle!). It’s all about the way you carry yourself, head held high, never stooping to act out against difficult people and always making sure you are primped and royal wave ready. For you, your majesty, we recommend the me·mi diamond initial inside story necklace, it is encrusted with real diamonds and carries your royal initials on the front.

Inside Story Collection – Happy hippy

Finally, we get to the collection for the bohemian beauty. You are a free spirit with an eye for quality pieces. Jewellery is less of a showpiece and more a part of your being. Our Hamsa necklace is the perfect balance between a great looking accessory and subtle conversation starter. Share your unique story with those around through our identity story necklace, a piece of jewellery that we can guarantee is owned by no one else in the world!

No matter how you choose to express yourself through jewellery, we know that me·mi has something for you. You can order a piece online and decide on the material, wording and even gems used – because we believe that every woman is valuable and the world needs you to be yourself!

If you haven’t seen your specific style yet, take a look at the rest of our collections to find what you are looking for! PS – keen an eye out for something that may be a perfect gift for someone special in your life this Christmas too.