Why me•mi? 5 reasons to wear us out and about!


So, you thought that when you shopped online for that stunning SWAROVSKI studded necklace you were just buying a pretty piece of jewellery?

With me•mi jewellery, it is so much more than just another trinket! Yes, every piece can be personalised to suit your specific taste. But what else does me·mi offer that other jewellery doesn’t? Honey, get ready, because we are about to show you just how worthwhile a little sparkle can be.

me·mi keeps you classy

Clothing seasons come and go quicker than you can say ‘fast fashion’, but jewellery, particularly good quality jewels, last a life time. In our consumer driven culture, there is a tendency for people to buy cheap jewellery mindlessly and never really LOVE it. Or to quote that Japanese wonder, Marie Kondo, they don’t purchase things that bring them joy.

Invest in classic jewellery over time – build up your collection with pieces you truly love. We recommend purchasing a custom me·mi charm carrier and filling it up with beautiful, shiny, diamond charms which reflect your life journey. And of course, all me•mi necklaces and bracelets are made with a unique, adjustable chain mechanism so it will fit you perfectly no matter your build.

me·mi makes you bold in business

If you have your eye set on the career ladder, good quality jewellery may just be the extra push you needed to get you to the next rung. Round off your chic pencil skirt, crisp white shirt and kitten heels with a high quality, solid 9k rose gold & diamond initial necklace that says: ‘watch out corporate world, I’m going places.’

Become an influencer in your work place, when you are comfortable in your skin, you will also deliver your best. Look good, feel good. Also, bigger salary = pretty jewels all round! As Elizabeth Taylor once said: “big girls need big diamonds.”

me·mi brings out your softer side

You know what makes jewellery look extra good? When the wearer shines from the inside. Every piece of jewellery purchased from our Inside Story Collection is dedicated to the Rohan Bloom Foundation for cancer patients. Choose your unique pendant design and glam it up with a SWAROVSKI crystal and a percentage of the sales go to those who need support.

Gift yourself or a loved one and give the gift of hope, only through me·mi jewellery!

me·mi makes you feel fancy

There is that scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts goes into a very well-to-do shop and the shop assistant snootily said something like, ‘I don’t think we have anything for you here.’

Later, after shopping up a storm on Rodeo Drive, she comes back spick and span, looking like a million bucks. She looks at the snotty assistant and says, ‘Remember me? Huge mistake, HUGE.’ She turns on her gorgeous heels and walks away.

Looking and feeling good is all about confidence – yes you may pay a little extra, but the confidence that comes with wearing real gold and silver jewellery is priceless. We can all have our moment with me·mi. Take a browse in our collections and strut your stuff, you pretty woman you!